She Leads conference empowers women

Organizers from SheTek She Leads Media are hosting a huge conference at the Wells Fargo Conference Center in Manhattan on Oct. 27.
L’ay Green

It’s a day for women in business.

The She Leads Conference is set to converge at the Wells Fargo Conference Center in Manhattan on Oct. 27. The all-day women’s-centric networking and empowerment gathering, encourages its attendees to collaborate and learn invaluable advice about their respective industries and fields they are looking to enter. It also provides women with the information they need to get on a path of their goals and dreams and executing it, said a co-organizer.

“The conference is not only to empower and give women the tools to be empowered but to inspire women to want to be in a leadership position,” said L’ay Green, founder of SheTek. “We feel that being empowered and being in a position of leadership will make you very successful.”

Green and Adrienne Garland of SheLeads partnered for this conference in an effort to bring more women of all working backgrounds to meet and listen in on panels that discuss everything from work, home-life balancing, to potential business partnerships. This is a chance for women to unleash their full potential they are yet to uncover.

“A lot of women are pretty much equipped but don’t know it until they come to the conference and interact with other women,” said Green. “I’ve gone through his and reached a point where I thought I was stuck, but I was in the room with like-minded company and didn’t how how we could mutually benefit from each other.

At the conference guests are going to have the chance to listen in on advice from other women on how they reached their successes and the critical moves they made to achieve them. Green said attendees can look forward to inspiration or drive to go forth in their careers.

“It’s going to be a full day of women talking about their different experiences to entrepreneurship,” she said. “A woman working a nine to five may be looking for an exit out and not know what resources are there for her. This conference should help them create those short term and long term goals.”

Green said all women should take advantage of the opportunity to meet with other individuals and work towards implementing those strategies in their lives.

“It’s a day for yourself to do some self-reflection and find out what other women are doing, and how they can help you go where you need to go,” she said. “If you want the opportunity to learn something new, or have an idea you want to take to the next level — we have women of all backgrounds and professions that will be there too and it’s going to be fantastic.”

“SheLeads Conference” at Wells Fargo Conference Center [150 E. 42nd St. between Lexington and Third avenues in Manhattan,]. Oct. 27, 8:30 am–7 pm. $150.

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Leading women: L’ay Green, founder of SheTek conference has partnered with SheLeads Media for big pro-women networking meet-up on Oct. 27.
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