Shared blame for aborted tour

The high-level Task Force commissioned with investigating the ill-fated recent tour of India says the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) and West Indies players were all at fault in the controversy.

The WICB recently received the Task Force report into the abandoned India tour in October.

In their report submitted to the WICB, the task force said while the board and WIPA had “erred significantly” in their administration of the new Memorandum of Understanding, the players also needed to shoulder a “significant proportion of the blame for the abandoned tour.”

The month-long investigation of the crisis, which stemmed from the one-day team’s decision to walk off the tour of India, over a contract dispute with WIPA and the WICB.

Michael Gordon, QC chairman of the Task Force, commissioned to review the matters relating to the premature end to the tour of India, presented the report. The other members of the Task Force were Sir Wes Hall and Sir Richard Cheltenham QC.

According to a WICB media release, the board of directors reviewed the various governance reports and will set a date to further discuss the various recommendations “with a view to implementing best practice in corporate governance.”

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