Seniors honored at Yesterday’s Children tribute

Yesterday’s Children honorees are Ina Wilson, Guyana, Agatha Date, Grenada, James “Sam” Granderson Trinidad and Tobago, Clemencia Girard-Larcher, St. Lucia, Mauby Media Services, Director Glenda Cadogan and Mabel Francis, St. Vincent..
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The sacrifices five courageous and giving Caribbean-American elders made in their homeland, and Brooklyn neighborhood, were highlighted at the third Annual “Yesterday’s Children” salute, at St. Jude Community Center, on Maple Street.

The Sept. 21 event, hosted by Glenda Cadogan’s Mauby Media Services, honored 92-year-old St. Vincent born Mabel Francis, 79-year-old Ina Wilson of Guyana, 82-year-old Trinidad and Tobago native, James ‘Sam’ Granderson, 86-year-old Clemencia Girard-Larcher of St. Vincent, and 82-year-old Grenadian-born Agatha Date.

The esteemed elders were honored with numerous accolades, which included citations from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, and State Senator Kevin Parker. They were also presented with the special “You are a Shining Star” award, presented by its creator, Glenda Cadogan.

The remarkable superiors, who overcame all odds to live to a ripe old age, received the “New York Daily News Front Page Award,” that showcase the honorees’ image in a framed replica of the newspaper.

Conflicted Genius Incorporated’s Roderick Warner, a photographer, later presented the talented senior citizens with their portrait on canvas, before designer Danella Abby, of Ahfiro Creations, draped the ladies and gentleman with her handcrafted accessories.

Conrad’s Bakery, Trini Breakfast Shed, Morvant Ebonites, Twin Flames Family Day Care’s Orlene Cummings and Dr. Winthrop Holder, individually sponsored the senior citizens.

The group also enjoyed performances by African drummer, Corey Quammie of Sons of Thunder, storytelling by Michael Manswell, music by Caribbean Folk Tree, a dance piece by Imani Craig, and a ballad by Rev. Andy Edwards.

Shirma Cadogan in turn, lauded the former Teacher, Nurse, Welder, Hair Stylist, and Nurse’s Aide, with the poem titled “You”

Hostess Gale Yvette David who was astute in guiding the evening’s proceedings, heralded the heartwarming tributes, and outpouring of love showed towards the outstanding life’s journey of the grandparents and great grandparents.

Creator of Yesterday’s Children, Glenda Cadogan, noted that despite the obstacles she has to overcome to continue the salute to the elders, she is committed to restoring the respect and authority elders had over the younger generation, back when they were addressed, as ‘sir or madam. Yesterday’s Children Inc. is an organization dedicated to publicly honoring and empowering senior citizens, and countless men and women who have sacrificed their own dreams and aspirations so that their children can live abundant and accomplished lives.

Donations collected at the event are sent to aid senior citizens homes in the Caribbean. Pledges could be mailed to Yesterday’s Children, 373 Nostrand Ave., #3 Brooklyn, NY 11216.

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