Selita Ebanks to rock Victoria’s Secret’s show

Cayman Islands beauty, and top Victoria’s Secret model Selita Eubanks, will storm the runway on Nov. 30, in her fifth appearance of the brand’s annual energetic fashion show wearing a costume that she describes as sexy, extravagant and twice her size.

Fresh from hosting, and strutting her sexy stuff on the runway of Fashion Solstice, on Grand Cayman, Ebanks, who had big dreams of becoming a lawyer, recalls being teased as being lanky and ‘maga’ (skinny) something that she said was not always a good thing while growing up in the Caribbean.

But with her sights set on a professional career, and her mother’s advise to grab hold of every opportunity that presented itself, Ebanks moved to New York to be with her father leaving behind her seven brothers who had toughen her up for whatever laid ahead.

Not too long after, while in high school, this confident young woman, landed herself an internship with Vibe magazine and was encouraged by colleagues to take up modeling. But after several rejections from agencies that saw her 5”8’ high as an impediment to becoming a runway model, Ebanks said she gave up and decided that she would become a fabulous lawyer anyway.

Disappointed but not defeated, Ebanks who comes from a mixed heritage of Jamaican, Indian, Irish, and African, settled into her studies at NYU law school, doing mock trial and law debates.

But as destiny would have it, one day while going through a turnstile at Great Adventure amusement park, a talent scout approached Ebanks to become a model despite the fact, she said, “I was not wearing make up, or looking fancy.”

Skeptical, she bluntly said, “I am not paying you any money to be a model,” she however, accepted a business card, and later convinced her father to take her to the agency. It turned out to be Women Model Management, one of the biggest agencies in New York.

Now a decade in the business, and a trip to Sierra Leone where she founded the Women’s Coalition for to support women’s educational and professional progress, Ebanks is one of the most recognized celebrities in the U.S.

The beauty has a seven-year contract with Victoria’s Secret, and has worked with, Levi, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch, and beauty brands Clinique, Mac, Lancôme while gracing the covers of numerous magazines.

Her acting debut in “Runaway” – a 34-minute movie produced by Rapper Superstar Rapper, and rumored beau Kanya West, is one she hopes would be loved by her fans.

“My mantra is ‘commit and proceed’ there is no excuse not to be successful, that is how I felt about being a part of Kanye’s film and the reason I agreed to take the part. I said I will give a 100 percent of my efforts, and that was what I did and I hope the world loves it,” she added.

Ranked #13 as the highest paid black model by Forbes Magazine, Ebanks could certainly become another Tyra Banks, Iman or Heidi Klum.

“I want to make the transition like other supermodels by launching a career in movies, both in front, and behind the camera, said Ebanks who also has her sights set on producing TV shows, hosting, and becoming an author.

“I am inspired to become as successful as Cameron Diaz, an amazing actresses who has made the same transition. Or even becoming more successful, especially because I am from the Caribbean, said the petite model.

“I am more inspired to push the envelope and work harder and inspire other young ladies to pursue their goals as well.

“I love my fellow Caymanians very much and every opportunity I get I praise my people, and encourage them to become successful in whatever they pursue. I want to be a role model for them,” concluded Ebanks.

Ebanks was chosen as one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful people in its 2007 issue.

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