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Eyecare helps avoid future health problems

Did you know that everyone needs a regular eye exam—even someone who doesn’t wear glasses? Comment

Tips for the elderly to stay cool

One of the most important ways to maintain health during the summer is by drinking enough fluids to avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of water and eat foods containing water, such as fruits, vegetables, gelatin (Jell-O) and ice pops. Beware of coffee and alcohol, which can actually dehydrate, rather than replenish, the body of fluids. Comment

Queens College alum to host health fair

Guyana: The mission of the Queens College of Guyana Alumni Association is to bring together former students, staff and friends in an effort to preserve and foster the special character of the institution. In so doing, the group has over the years promoted academic excellence in Guyana, and hosted outreach programs in the U.S. Comment

Annual Relay for Life in Harlem

Bronx: The American Cancer Society held its annual Relay for Life event at River Bank Park in Manhattan on July 9. Comment

Preferred Health Partners honored

Preferred Health Partners, one of the largest multispecialty groups in Brooklyn, has recently been recognized for implementing a new approach to improving their patient’s healthcare within all nine of their center locations. Comment

Kingsbrook receives prestigious health care award

New York: Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center recently received the IPRO Award for its “organization-wide, exemplary commitment to quality improvement in surgical care improvement.” Comment

Daily meditation improves overall health

A growing number of doctors and Americans, in general, are finding that even brief stints of sitting quietly and breathing deeply can improve concentration, lower stress and maybe even reduce your risk of disease. Put simply, meditation can be good for your health. Comment
Brooklyn: Nadya Dillon is 20 years old. She is a 2011 graduate of Cornell University in the College of Human Ecology where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree. She is currently studying to take her MCAT exams to get into medical school. But how does a little girl from Brooklyn become one of the youngest to graduate from an Ivy League school such as Cornell? Comments (1)

Keeping all your doctors in sync

Every treatment or medication is a two edged sword, which can help but also may possibly cause harm. It is the doctor’s duty to bring his best judgment, knowledge and experience into play in deciding what is wisest for the patient. Comment

Grenadian creates safe, effective and natural hair-care products

Grenada: As a young girl growing up in the village of Concord in St. John’s, Grenada, Caroline Henry-Packer dreamt of becoming a lawyer or maybe a journalist; but never the founder and owner of a natural hair care, body and bath business. Comments (2)

Fond farewell to a nurse educator

Jamaica: After years in the United States, Marilyn Parker’s lilting accent still gives away her Jamaican roots. She was barely out of her teens when her mother sent her youngest child and only girl off to England so she could get a good education, grow up financially self-sufficient and do well. Comment

It’s Health Bucks season again in New York!

Food: Dr. Thomas Farley, New York The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA), last week launched the 2011 Health Bucks season at farmers’ markets across the city. Health Bucks are $2 coupons redeemable for fresh fruit and vegetables at participating farmers’ markets. Comment

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