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Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011

CARICOM aims to build on gains made in 2011

Suriname: The outgoing chairman of CARICOM, the 15-nation Caribbean Community integration movement, says that the group achieved much in the past year and expects succeeding leaders to build on gains made in 2011. Comments (1)

Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

Erectile dysfunction, causes, warnings and treatments

Erectile dysfunction and prostate problems often start at the same age. Television has made Viagra, Levitra and Cialis well known treatments for male sexual problems. What is not generally known in the public’s mind are the actual mechanics of erection. Erection occurs when the penis becomes filled with blood pumped in through the arteries and entrapped within special chambers in the penis. Simultaneous slowing of the venous drainage of blood from these chambers, essential to maintain the rigidity of an erection is accomplished by an ingenious hydraulic system involving compressive obstruction of these drainage veins caused by the actual bulk of the engorged chambers themselves. Comment

CPR in schools saves a life in The Bronx

Bronx: A day after Bronx student, Louis Flores, 17, returned to school after being saved by a 26-year New York City public school system veteran when he collapsed on the gym floor, the American Heart Association is reminding New Yorkers that knowing CPR, especially in the school-setting, does save lives. Comment

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011

Petioni Plaza opens  in Harlem

Manhattan: Finally, the long wait is over. Comments (1)

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Protect your eyes from the winter sun

Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean you should put away those sunglasses. Comment

Prostate cancer report shortchanges Black men

Prostate cancer continues to remain the leading cause of cancer in men in the United States. Over 30 thousand men are estimated to die of prostate cancer this year alone. Also, for reasons that are not completely understood, African-American men are 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 2.5 times likely to die of the disease. Comment

Diverticuli of the urinary bladder

Diverticuli, abnormal sacs or pouches can occur in many different places in the body and are often difficult to diagnose. The medical literature contains 86 different listings of diverticuli including those in the intestinal tract, the urinary system and other systems. Comment

Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

Frequently asked questions regarding TherMatrx

Over the past nine years, while discussing using the TherMatrx microwave heat treatment to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged and/or inflamed prostate, 10 questions repeatedly arose. Is it safe? Where is it done? Is anesthesia required? Is it surgery? Is it a one-time treatment? Is relief of the symptoms immediate? Will I have to wear a catheter and a leg bag? Will the treatment affect my sex life? Can it be used to treat prostate cancer? Is success guaranteed? Comment

Obesity increases risks for diabetes

Obesity levels in the U.S. are on the rise in both adults and children. Weight problems may bring on a number of health issues—and one of the most serious is diabetes. But diabetes is also a condition that can often be prevented; however, it takes time and effort dedicated to regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, and maintaining a healthy weight. Comment

Marriages between African and Native Americans produced many children

Native Americans with African ancestry produced more children than ‘full bloods’ in the early 1900s, despite the odds being against them, a new study demonstrates. Comment

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joined the volunteer organization New York Cares and Health Plus to kick off the 2011 “Keep The Bronx Warm Month” annual coat drive to help children and families in need this winter. Comment

Obama seeks more money for global AIDS relief

Caribbean: President Barack Obama says he is seeking more federal money for efforts to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in the U.S., the Caribbean and globally. Comment

Monday, Nov. 28, 2011

Try fun and sober for the holidays

Was the first resolution you made last New Year’s Day prompted by the headache and sick feeling you woke up with January 1? Maybe you had to deal with the consequences of a holiday car accident? Or was it the fallout from something you did at a party that everyone else remembers all too well, but you don’t? Comment

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