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Caribbean American Healthcare Awards

Photo gallery

Claudette Powell (left) with honoree Dorrice Gordon and Dana Sherwin.
Claudette Powell (left) smiles for the camera with Jacqueline Nichols and Kevin Williams.
Claudette Powell (left) snaps a photo with honoree Stephen S. Carryl and Alley Olivier.
Claudette Powell (left), Michelle L. Alexander, and Dana Sherwin at Caribbean American Healthcare Awards.
Claudette Powell (left) takes a congratulatory photo with honoree Stanlee Richards and Kevin Williams.
Claudette Powell (left) honoree Angela Cooper, and Alley Olivier are all smiles at the Caribbean American Healthcare Awards.
Claudette Powell (left), Dr. Trevor Dixon and Dana Sherwin.
Claudette Powell (left), Clifford Young, and Kevin Williams.
Hilma Young (center) beams happiness after receiving her Caribbean American Healthcare award with Claudette (left) and Alley Olivier.
Claudette Powell (left), Louis Dwinell Camilien, and Kevin Williams were all smiles at the Caribbean Healthcare Awards.
Recipient Novlet Davis (center), Claudette Powell (left) and Kevin Williams at the Caribbean Life Newspaper
All smiles at the Caribbean American Healthcare Awards Claudette Powell (left), Lt. Col. Glennie L. Millard, Alley Olivier .
Honoree Ingrid Walker-Descartes with Claudette Powell (left), Ingrid Walker-Descartes and Dana Sherwin.
Claudette Powell (left), Claudette V. Gordon, and Kevin Williams at the Caribbean Healthcare Awards.
Claudette Powell (left), Curlean Duncan-Britton and Alley Olivier at the Caribbean Healthcare Awards at the Grand Prospect Hall.
Major Sharon Sweeting-Lindsey is all smiles as she takes a photo with Claudette Powell (left) and Dana Sherwin.
Claudette Powell (left), Nancy Hagans and Alley Olivier showing off their pearly whites at the Caribbean Healthcare Awards.
Honoree Judith M. Lewis, Claudette Powell (left) and Kevin Williams.
Claudette Powell (left), Patricia Ann McLean and Dana Sherwin.
Dr. Donna-Marie E. Manasseh shows off her mega watt smile after receiving her Caribbean American Award.
Claudette Powell, Lorna Lee Ho-Sang-Davidson, and Alley Olivier at the Caribbean American Healthcare Awards.
Claudette Powell (left), Karen M. Jemmott, and Alley Olivier.
Honoree Henry R. Paul (center) , Claudette Powell (left) and Alley Olivier.
Claudette Powell (left), Carmen Rivera Centeno and Alley Olivier.

Community News Group celebrates Caribbean Americans in healthcare

People: Thirty four honorees were feted at the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope for their achievments in healthcare. Check out our story and slideshow. Comment

Michelle L. Alexander: Applies the law in a healthy way

Trinidad and Tobago: Eager to make a difference in the future of the legal system. Comment

Ena Bailey: Semi-retired but still cares for others

Jamaica: Baily is the founder of Carelink which employs 300 nurses, home health and personal care aides in the five boroughs and Long Island. Comment

Angela Cooper: Loves helping others

People: Cooper helps organize events for community-based organizations across Brooklyn. Comment

Dr. Clifford Young: Caring for the indigent fulfills his life

St Vincent: Dr. Young says impoverished people without health insurance don’t get the same kind of attention, and that he considers it a privilege to be part of their preventive care. Comment

Genevieve Cadet: Honors her dad’s dental legacy in Haiti

Haiti: Cadet is the project director of the Fondation Max Cadet, a community based dental clinic created in Haiti to honor her father, Max Cadet, who was a dentist. Comment

Dr. Henry Paul: A man on a medical mission

Haiti: Dr. Paul travels annually to Haiti to provide healthcare in the Ft. Liberte area. Comment

Dr. Ingrid Walker-Descartes: ‘Community pediatrics’ approach to healthcare

Jamaica: Caring for and protecting children is “a flame I have never been able to put out!” Comment

Jacqueline Nichols: Life is a journey, not a destination

People: This retired Lt. Col U.S. Army Nurse is chair of the Nursing Department at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Comment

Dr. Louis Camilien: Brings a smile to the faces of his patients

Haiti: Dr. Camillien enjoys bringing happiness — and new lives — into the world. Comment

Nancy Hagans: Taking care of people comes naturally

Haiti: Hagans began taking care of children when she was a child. Comment

Phyllis Lynn: Found her calling in women’s health

Jamaica: Lynn has helped deliver nearly 3,000 babies as a midwife. Comment

Judith Lewis: Teaches the next generation of nurses

St Vincent: Lewis teachers her students at Medgar Evers College to “seize the moment.” Comment

Dr. Trevor Dixon: Jamaican doctor gives back to his homeland

Jamaica: Dr. Dixon helped obtain ultrasounds for Jamaican hospitals and trained professionals in how to use the life-saving diagnostic tool for trauma patients. Comment

Dr. Margaret Sukhram: Health educator and advocate

Guyana: Sukhram is a founding member of the Caribbean American Medical And Scientific Association, and serves on numerous advisory boards and committees. Comment

Stanlee Richards: Dedicated to caring for fragile patients

Puerto Rico: Ms. Richards has worked in health care for more than 40 years and is the director of nursing at Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility. Comment

Blossom Ferguson: Passionate about caring for others

Jamaica: Ferguson dreamed of becoming a nurse as a child and has a passion to care for the sick. Comment

Carmen Rivera: A fighter for the voiceless

Health: Her union work ignites the social activst inside her. Comment

Curlean Duncan-Britton: A strong patient advocate

Jamaica: Duncan-Britton has been helping children since sheher grade school days in Florida. Comment

Derrice Gordon: Mentor and health educator

Guyana: Her “Ready to Pass” program helps nursing students prepare — and pass — their state exams. Comment

Lt. Col. Glennie Millard: Caregiver for the vulnerable

Honduras: Her hard-working parents taught her to dream big — and she did. Comment

Hilma Young: Serves patients with the utmost care

Jamaica: Inspired by a family friend, she embarked on a career that has spanned almost three decades. Comment

Dr. Jacqueline Gulstone: Changing health behaviors in our communities

Jamaica: Her medical trips have taken her to Jamaica, Haiti, and Guyana, which received more than 500 hospital beds and medical equipment thanks to her efforts. Comment

Karen Jemmott: A health and wellness advocate

Trinidad and Tobago: Jemmott has made a career of disease prevention. Comments (1)

Novlet E. Davis: Service to the underserved population

Jamaica: Nursing allows her to be selfless and make others her priority. Comment

Major Sharon Sweeting-Lindsey: Passionate about health and nutrition

Barbados: Sweeting Lindsey has a passion for nutrition. Comment

Dr. Claudette V. Gordon: A role model for nurses

Jamaica: Tells her students that ‘knowledge is power.” Comments (3)

Denise C. Soares: Makes history at Harlem Hospital

Jamaica: She has spent a lifetime in the profession she loves. Comment

Lorna Hylton-Webb: Serves difficult patients with patience

Jamaica: A high-school teacher who chose nursing as a second career. Comment

Maj. Lorna Lee Hosang-Davidson: Proud to be a nurse

Jamaica: Has served her country for more tan 25 years. Comment

Patricia McLean: Lifetime of care for the elderly

Trinidad and Tobago: . Patricia established the Marjorie Anita Andrews Nursing Scholarship to honor her late mother. Comment

Rozella Limerick: Works beyond the call of duty

Antigua: Has always been taking care of someone. Comment

Dr. Orville Dave Palmer: Doc on call in St. Kitts and Jamaica

St Kitts and Nevis: Ear, nose, and throat surgeon Dr. Orville Dave Palmer runs the ENT Department at Harlem Hospital and Metropolitan Hospital. Comment

Dr. Stephen Samuel Carryl: An effective surgeon and medical leader

Guyana: The first surgeon in Brooklyn to perform a robotic gastric bypass. Comment

Dr. Donna-Marie E. Manasseh: As mighty as an oak

Health: Her field chose her. Comment

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