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December, 2013



Music: “Blues People: Negro Music in White America” by LeRoi Jones was published by the William Morrow Company in 1963, although Jones completed the book in 1961. Comments (1)

Memory & Identity in Black America

Entertainment: You’ve always prided yourself on being a good storyteller. Comment
Jamaica: Jamaicans poured into the Manhattan address of their nation’s consular to meet, greet and herald Dr. Basil K. Bryan who returned to New York City with a 550-page discography titled “Jamaicans: Children of God In The Promised Land.” Comment
St Vincent: A new book entitled “Union Island Then and Now,” will be released this December. The book will highlight the rich history of the island in sequential order dating back to the 1760s. Comments (1)

An evening stroll in winter

An evening stroll in winter

Entertainment: “Dusk” by Uri Shulevitz Comment
Jamaica: Usain Bolt is busier than ever. Since joining fellow Olympic champion sprinter Shelly Fraser Pryce in Monaco at the International Athletics Association Foundation awards where they both claimed top honors as the male and female athletes of the year, the fastest man on the planet bolted to Los Angeles, California to launch his book “Faster Than Lightning: My Autobiography.” Inside a downtown Santa Monica Puma store the Jamaican track and field legend greeted fans and signed copies of his newly published book. Comment

November, 2013

Vincentian pastor publishes first book

St Vincent: After living abroad for 35 years, a prominent Vincentian pastor in Brooklyn has published his first book as he prepares to return to his homeland to spend his “Golden Years.” Comment
Entertainment: “Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him” by David Henry & Joe Henry Comment

October, 2013

Atlanta’s handsome black mayor’s dilemma

Entertainment: “His Third Wife” by Grace Octavia Comment
People: “Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists & Progressive Politics During World War II” by Farah Jasmine Griffin Comment

New Testament to Reggae King

Music: More than 400 books have allegedly been written about Robert Nesta Marley, the Caribbean’s first superstar. Recently a documentary film about Marley made the point that his rejection by the white segment of his family inspired his song “Corner Stone.” Comment

September, 2013

Tosh bio finally sums up life of ‘Steppin’ Razor’

Music: A decade after the release of a film called “Steppin’ Razor: Red X” and one year after Jamaica honored Peter Tosh with the nation’s third highest award – the order of merit – his very first biography has been published. Comment

Brooklyn loves books and their writers

Jamaica: “There are over a dozen Caribbean or Caribbean-Americans in this book fair,” beamed E. Wayne McDonald, artistic director of the Caribbean Cultural Theatre, as he finished up his conversation with Jamaican author Diana McCaulay outside of Brooklyn Borough Hall. Comment

Sister Betty Becton’s predicament

Sister Betty Becton’s predicament

Entertainment: The “Save the Date!” notices went out months before. Comment

August, 2013

Too Tall Foyle’ Launches Children’s Book

Too Tall Foyle’ Launches Children’s Book

St Vincent: Orlando, FL -----Former professional basketball player Adonal Foyle has not let his retirement from his illustrious 13-years career as an NBA player slow him down, in fact he is busier than ever with setting new heights of achievement for himself and his Kerosene Lamp Foundation, an organization that empowers children in the areas of athletics and academics. Comment

Edwidge Danticat reads at Revolution Books

Haiti: To a packed audience at Revolution Books in Manhattan last week, Edwidge Danticat read a preview excerpt from her newest book, “Claire of the Sea Light,” which will be released Aug. 27. Comment

July, 2013

Entertainment: The first time he laid eyes on her, your father thought your mother was the most beautiful girl in the world. Comment
Entertainment: “Sister: An African American Life in Search of Justice” by Sylvia Bell White & Jody LePage Comment

Wailers’ trusteee pens ‘On The Road With Marley’

Music: “On the Road With Bob Marley” by Mark Miller is a personal account and one man’s reflections on the three years he spent with the Caribbean’s first superstar. Through an easy read of chapters, Miller relates how as stage manager to reggae’s finest he found his way with Bob Marley & The Wailers through Europe, the USA and Africa. Although he cites the opinions of some of the closest and longest collaborators with the iconic reggae figure, Miller wanted to add his voice to the many already speaking volumes on a myriad of remembrances and as many fictional accounts claimed to be facts. Perhaps, the latter was his reason for sharing his unpretentious seemingly honest and humble story with readers. Comment

Backpacks for Shelter Children

Staten Island: A drive is on by Volunteers of America (VOA) to help thousands of children in New York City shelters fit in with their peers when they return to school after the sunmmer recess. Comment

Everybody schemes his or her way to trouble

Entertainment: “Dirty Rotten Liar” By Noire Comment

‘Nelson Mandela’: a story book for kids

People: “Nelson Mandela” by Kadir Nelson Comment

June, 2013

Read All About It

Guyana: A new book on a massive visa-for-sale racket the U.S. State Department busted at its mission in Guyana 13 years ago has hit international newsstands, providing sordid details of how a Chicago-born former junior foreign service officer sold hundreds of visas to Guyanese including convicts and used a renegade police squad led by two government-favored senior police officers to kill or brutalize locals who had tried to expose him. Comments (2)

Rumors just too juicy to ignore

Rumors just too juicy to ignore

Entertainment: “Rumor Central” by Reshonda Tate Billingsley Comment

Caribbean Book Fest for all ages

Caribbean: Caribbean Cultural Theater promises an amalgam of creative expressions on June 30 when almost 30 talents present their work from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at St. Francis College, 182 Remsen St. (between Clinton & Court streets). Comment

Behind closed doors at a funeral home

Entertainment: “Nine Years Under” by Sheri Booker Comment

The truth about inner-city fatherhood

The truth about inner-city fatherhood

Entertainment: “Doing the Best I Can. Comment

Free Anancy Festival in Queens

Free Anancy Festival in Queens

Arts & Theater: New York is included among the eight cities earmarked to be treated to this year’s free Anancy Festival. On June 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p. m. the Caribbean’s most-beloved, trickster will demonstrate his appeal to children when his folk tales are revealed at the Langston Hughes Branch, Queens Public Library at 10001 Northern Blvd. in Flushing. Admission is free. Comment

May, 2013

Taking care of business in the underworld

Entertainment: For awhile there, you thought you were gonna die.Your head hurt. Your body ached, and your stomach was acting like a fresh-caught fish – but that didn’t matter much. Bills still needed paying and business needed attending. There was family to care for, work to do. Yes, you should’ve stayed horizontal but you came back from the dead - and so did Easy Rawlins. In the new novel “Little Green” by Walter Mosley, Easy’s recent demise never gave him but a moments rest. Comment

April, 2013

Entertainment: c.1992, 2013, Anchor Comment
Entertainment: “Where Did Our Love Go: Love and Relationships in the African-American Community,” edited by Gil L. Robertson, IV Comment

Dodging a bullet

Dodging a bullet

Entertainment: “Living and Dying Comment

March, 2013

Happy families have a plan

Brooklyn: “The Secrets of Happy Families” by Bruce Feiler Comment
Venezuela: CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Near the entrance to Venezuela’s national book fair, an image of the late Hugo Chavez holding a can of paint in one hand and a brush in the other greets visitors. Beside him reads a bright-red message that has also been scrawled on walls all over the country: “I will be present in the struggle.” Comment
Jamaica: Beverly East launched her third book here during a month-end reception signaling the end of Black History Month and the advent of Women’s History Month. Comment

February, 2013

‘Double Victory’

‘Double Victory’

Entertainment: “Double Victory” by Cheryl Mullenbach Comment

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