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Power up and explore

You are a really great kid. You can run fast and jump high. You can smile and sing and catch a ball. You might even know how to make a sandwich or help out around the house. You’re pretty awesome all around, but in “Power Up” by Seth Fishman, illustrated by Isabel Greenberg, you’re insides are especially incredible. Comment

Brown’s gracious and inspiring memoir

Do unto others. Three words that are a shorthand reminder to be nice and treat people in the manner that you’d want to be treated. Do unto others and make life smoother. Be good, and be of service because, as Robert J. Brown reminds readers, “You Can’t Do Wrong Doing Right.” Comment

Young girl wants a better life

You can be anything you want to be! That’s what you were told, growing up: you could do anything, try everything, and be anybody you wanted to be, if you tried. Set your sights on something, and it was yours — so in the new novel “Inventing Victoria” by Tonya Bolden, a young girl wants a better life. Five-year-old Essie was embarrassed half to death. Comment

Edwidge Danticat’s new kid’s book explores a mother’s caring touch

The Haitian-American author’s new picture book, “My Mommy Medicine,” illustrates the many ways a mother helps her young child feel better when she’s home sick. Comment

A tale of the small side of injustice

Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve had a great big wish. You’ve always wanted that one thing. You’ve schemed and asked, begged and plotted, but you still don’t have it. As in the new book “Meet Miss Fancy” by Irene Latham, illustrated by John Holyfield, whatever’s stopping you just isn’t fair. Comment

‘Babylon’ premieres: ‘Yardie’ begins BAM Reel Caribbean Series

Movies: For the fifth consecutive year, the Brooklyn Academy of Music will spotlight more than a few fine films that feature factual and fictitious aspects of Caribbean life. From Haiti, Antigua, Guyana, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Jamaica, vintage and new documentaries provide celluloid testimony to the diversity of the tropical landscape located south of the border. Comment

Gift from the heart makes a great present

Oh, how you love opening presents! You love the surprise, first of all. What did you get? You won’t find out until you rip off the paper and just the sound of that is exciting. Maybe there’s a box next, or plastic to open, or there’s simply a gift for you to enjoy. Getting presents are awesome but in the new book “What is Given from the Heart” by Patricia C. McKissack, illustrated by April Harrison, is doubly special when you have nothing to give in return. Comment

Racial politics in Hollywood

The movie you’ve been waiting for is finally available. Sure, you saw it in the theatre, but you’re happy to watch it again. It has adventure, a little romance, and plenty of action – plus, it features your favorite actor, so what’s not to love? Better question, asks author Maryann Erigha in her book “The Hollywood Jim Crow”: what color is the cast? Comment

Kid faces uncomfortable truths in her life

Leave me alone. That’s what you’d like to tell just about everybody right now: go away. Stop talking to me. Don’t fuss, quit fighting, put away those bad words. You’re done, so leave me alone. As in the new book “Genesis Begins Again” by Alicia D. Williams, life is much easier if you don’t rely too much on people who hurt you. Comment

Author pens memoir on overcoming abuse, heartbreak

Brooklyn: A Jamaican-American actress from Brownsville is debuting a new book and celebrating its release with a Valentine’s Day themed launch party in Greenpoint on Feb. 9. First time author Jacinth Headlam’s book “Love After…” is a reflective memoir about her life coming out of a messy divorce, and surviving it. Several years ago, she was going through a troubling time and decided to write about it to help others going through a similar experience. Comment

Building a good relationship takes effort

Marriage? Not interested. Nope, you’ve tried it and it’s not for you. Neither is love, apparently, as evidenced by the string of awful dates you’ve had lately. You know that having a bad relationship is easy. Having a good one takes effort, and it might start with “Making It Work” by Tony A. Gaskins, Jr. Comment
Brooklyn: More than 30 families participated in the “We Want to Write,” event organized by the Brooklyn-based organization, No Rest Until Success, at the Cortelyou Early Childhood Center Annex in East Flatbush on Jan. 13. Comment

Challenges of the ‘blended’ child

One plus one is two. It’s simple: all you have to do is add or count, easy-peasy, a trick you probably learned shortly after you could talk. One plus one is two but as you grow up, you’ll notice that math can get funny and, in the case of the new book “Blended” by Sharon M. Draper, one plus one might suddenly become more. Comment

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