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Belize still dependent after 38 years of independence

Caribbean: Our country of Belize received its independence from Great Britain on Sept. 21, 1981. Yet, many of our people are living in a state of dependency, our government keep borrowing money from several countries and institutions to survive making us more financially dependent and our nation’s independence is still haunted by the Guatemalan claim to our territory. Comment


Trinidad and Tobago: Successive generations of Caribbean community leaders and high officials have been grappling with mounting scepticism in the bloc about difficulties professionals experience while trying to work and resettle in member states outside of their home nation. Comment

Time for Belize to implement Mental Health plan

Health: When I was growing up in Belize the people that had mental problems were not treated with any respect and that is still happening today. Our government need to educate our people about mental illness to reduce this disrespect. If the government does not educate our people about this disease, then many of our citizens will continue to disrespect and mistreat our citizens with mental illness. I believe that mental health education will be beneficial to all of us to change this attitude. Most of us have at least one person in our family who suffers from a mental illness and we are aware of the pain and suffering that it brings to our families. Comment

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