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Repairing damage to Garifuna people

Honduras: Since our Garifuna people were removed by the British from our sovereign homeland “Yurumein” now known as Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and dumped on the island of Roatan, Honduras on April, 12, 1797 our lives have never been the same in the countries where we currently live. Comment

Belizeans now need to demand lots and land distribution with a titled expedited process

Caribbean: Belize is a country with a population of about 400,000 people. It is underpopulated and there is enough land in the 8,867 square miles, to give each Belizean a lot to build a home for his family and himself. Plus, almost every Belizean family own farmland which can be subdivided to give all their members a lot to build a house for themselves. Comment

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