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Brooklyn lawyer seeks to succeed Williams in Council seat

Grenada: Just days after Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams won the position of Public Advocate for New York City, a young, bright Brooklyn-born lawyer, of Caribbean parentage, is seeking to succeed him as representative for the 45th Council District in Brooklyn. Comment

Matthews leading Bajan women cricket

Barbados: At only 20 years of age she already commands a major place in the West Indies Women cricket team holding the rank of vice-captain, so it is a natural progression that Barbadian Hayley Matthews takes up the helm of her island’s team. Comment
Environment: PORT-OF-SPAIN , Feb. 26, 2019 (IPS) — The Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator launched last year June with the backing of Virgin’s Richard Branson has given itself five years to help the region become climate resilient. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: Bahamas The Bahamas government has welcomed the latest ratings from the US-based Moody’s which reclassified the country’s outlook from “negative” to “stable.” Comment
Bermuda: The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTO) visually transported vacationers to the tropical paradise, where drinks and eats were plant-based, and the décor exuded tropical flora, during a colorful and creative island reception, titled “Bermuda: Always in Season,” at the NoMo Hotel, Manhattan. Comment
St Lucia: The present tour of the West Indies by the English cricket team and a visit by India later in the year promise a financial bonanza not only for regional administrators of the game, but also national economies. Comment

Stefon Bristol, Spike Lee to release Netflix movie

Movies: Stefon Bristol, writer, director, of “See You Yesterday,” who proudly says his parents, Elizabeth and Clinton are from Georgetown, Guyana, is excited his feature film, produced by Spike Lee, is set to be released on movie channel Netflix soon. Comments (2)
Barbados: The footballing link between Barbados and Argentina has been made stronger with a signing of an agreement that should see the two-time World Cup winning South American nation sharing its expertise with the island. Comment



Suriname: President Desi Bouterse has fired the head of Suriname’s central bank in a move that appears to be quickly backfiring on a head of state who is seeking a third consecutive five-year term in general elections that are due in just about 14 months. Comment
Barbados: Barbadians are not making many children and officials believe it is pushing the island to a crisis of labour, reducing not only the local workforce but also putting at risk the pensions for those who have retired. Comments (1)

‘Babylon’ premieres: ‘Yardie’ begins BAM Reel Caribbean Series

Movies: For the fifth consecutive year, the Brooklyn Academy of Music will spotlight more than a few fine films that feature factual and fictitious aspects of Caribbean life. From Haiti, Antigua, Guyana, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Jamaica, vintage and new documentaries provide celluloid testimony to the diversity of the tropical landscape located south of the border. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: Antigua Antigua and Barbuda Attorney General, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin said the government was moving to establish a registry for sex offenders in the very near future. Comment
Guyana: One People, One Nation, with One Destiny, was the common thread that ran through a pulsating multicultural presentation of music, dance, drumming, and a parade of Guyana’s six races, to commemorate the nation’s 49th Mashramani under the auspices of Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow and Consul General of Guyana to New York, Barbara Atherly, who, called on expatriates to celebrate Guyana’s diversity with unity and pride. Comment
Suriname: PARAMARIBO, Feb. 15, 2019 (IPS) — High Forest Cover and Low Deforestation (HFLD) nations ended a major conference in Suriname on Thursday, with the Krutu of Paramaribo Joint Declaration on HFLD Climate Finance Mobilisation. Comment

SVG Diaspora Committee chair wants ‘decisive year of collaboration’

St Vincent: Sherill-Ann Mason-Haywood, chairperson of the Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Diaspora Committee of New York, wants 2019 to be a “decisive year of collaboration” for Vincentians in the Diaspora. Comment
St Vincent: Despite numerous challenges within and without the legal profession, Queens-based, Vincentian-born attorney Narissa Morris is determined to press on. Comments (1)


Trinidad and Tobago: Gunmen in Trinidad killed four people in 14 hours overnight Tuesday, sparking fears that the country is again on course to experience yet another bad year for violent crime and concerns that gang wars are spiraling out of control. Comment
Grenada: A growth trend among most member countries of the Caribbean Community organisation, CARICOM, is projected to continue this year and strike an average two percent expansion of those economies. Comment

Vincentian community, political activist is dead

St Vincent: Moreen King-Anthony, a Vincentian-born community and political activist in Brooklyn, who unsuccessfully contested the 41st Council District in Brooklyn in 2017, died at a hospice in Brooklyn on Friday. She was 59. Comment
Environment: PARAMARIBO, Feb. 14 2019 (IPS) — At 51, Roberto Wong Loi Sing has spent nearly half of his life working in the field of engineering. But as he spends his days designing more efficient stormwater management systems, or water purification systems, for instance, the child in him comes alive as he combines his skills to find “win-win” solutions for the environment. Comment

Caribbean flair to grip New York

Travel: The Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) says the Caribbean’s flair, pulsating energy and colorful sounds will captivate New York during Caribbean Week in early June. Comment
Haiti: Opposition-led protests in Haiti calling for the president to step down, which sparked violence last week, have prompted a group of senior diplomats, included the top United Nations official there, to deplore the loss of life and call for dialogue to end the crisis. Comment
Jamaica: Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations, Ambassador Courtenay Rattay, on Feb. 6, told world religious leaders, humanitarians and guests at the United Nations Headquarters in New York city, that World Interfaith Harmony Week is more than a celebration, noting that it is a manifestation of the shared values of coexistence, fraternity and human understanding. Comment

Talented Bajan runner gets US break

Barbados: The young Barbadian runner, Kyle Gale, who almost broke an Usain Bolt record, but for a technicality last year has now earned himself a four-year full athletics scholarship worth $37,000 annually with Kansas State University. Comment

Barbados opening jobs to CARICOM nationals

Barbados: Responding to a growing demographics imbalance in which the retired and close to retirement members of the population are growing while the number of working-age nationals is dwindling, Barbados will soon open its doors to skilled labour, especially persons from the Caribbean Community. Comments (2)

‘Father of Africa’ statue unveiled in Ethiopia

Africa: Who is the “father of Africa?” Sunday, Feb. 10 a commemorative statue of Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia was unveiled at the headquarters of the Organization of African Union (OAU) in the African capital city of Addis Ababa honoring the leader many consider worthy of the title. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Haiti: Antigua Two St. Vincent and the Grenadines nationals were denied bail and remanded in custody on charges linked to an EC$1.8 million drug bust. Comment
Barbados: American authorities have unsealed documents naming former Barbados insurance executives, Alex Tasker and Ingrid Inness as the persons who allegedly conspired with former government minister Donville Inniss to launder money in the United States. Comment

Judge Dweynie Paul speaks of challenges, successes in Family Court

Haiti: Dweynie Esther Paul is a Kings County Civil Court Judge currently presiding in Queens County Family Court. Judge Paul, who was born in Queens, currently resides in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Comment

Advocates launch petition in light of rapper’s immigration arrest

Dominica: Atlanta-raised rapper 21 Savage was arrested and detained by immigration officials last week. On Feb. 3, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents apprehended the Grammy-nominated rapper, whose birth name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, for allegedly living in the U.S. illegally. Comment
Grenada: The Trump administration on Wednesday congratulated Grenada on its 45th year of political independence from Great Britain. “On behalf of the Government of the United States, congratulations to the people of Grenada on your 45th anniversary of independence on Feb. 7,” said US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo in a statement. Comment

Phagwah festival in memory of spiritual leader Pandit Ramlall

Guyana: The Guyanese community in Queens will dedicate the 31st Annual Phagwah Parade in Richmond Hill to the late Pandit Ramlall, a scholar, author, teacher, and founder of the colorful festival that will be held on Sunday, March. 31. Comment

Bajan consul general sets early agenda

Barbados: He’s got big plans! Barbados’ newest Consul General, Mackie Holder, has some big projects set for his tenure. The recently appointed diplomat hosted his first big public event of the year at Medgar Evers College on Jan. 26 — a summit introducing himself to the Barbadian Diaspora, and exploring many of his concerns and visions for the year. He said many more similar events will be held and he will tackle and bring on as many issues to the forefront. Comment
Haiti: In light of President Donald J. Trump’s alleged derogatory remarks about Haiti and African countries, a retired Vincentian-born public school teacher in Brooklyn says she was compelled to pay tribute to the Venerable Haitian Pierre Toussaint, who emerged from slavery to sainthood. Comments (11)

Weymouth shoots to top

Barbados: Not only have Weymouth Wales revived their winning ways, but the Barbados Football Association Premier League defending champions appear set to make a true fight for their third championship in a row. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Jamaica: Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne has said that the Caribbean should be careful not to be drawn into the ideological war unfolding in Venezuela where attempts were being made to remove the socialist Nicolas Maduro. Comment
Barbados: Following a tumultuous time in most of last year, the Anglican Diocese of Barbados finally got a new leader with the enthronement this week of Bishop Michael Maxwell, who immediately assured his flock that religion still has a role to play on the island. Comment

St. Kitts and Nevis first national hero

St Kitts and Nevis: Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (Sept. 16, 1916 –May 23, 1978), St. Kitts and Nevis’ first national hero, was also the first premier of the twin-island federation, who previously served as chief minister, legislator and labor activist. Comments (1)
Guyana: It was a celebration filled with heartwarming tributes, for Allison Butters-Grant, and a call to action by brave daughter Tiffany Sobers-Smith, to tell someone in life how inspiring and impactful they are, saying, “mom, you left a great life for us in this world, thank you so much for being an awesome mom.” Comment
Barbados: The boys from Weymouth Wales are breathing a sigh of relief following their 1-0 victory over Paradise that snapped a run of four straight defeats in the Barbados Football Association’s Premier League 2018-2019 season. Comment

CARICOM fears worsening crisis

Venezuela: With the Venezuelan crisis worsening on its doorsteps, a small grouping of Caribbean Community leaders headed to the United States this week offering the services of the region as neutral mediator but nations like Trinidad and Guyana, which border Venezuela are not holding their breath for an immediate solution but are taking steps to limit the negative fallout from the South American nation’s deteriorating situation. Comment

Team Jamaica takes two wins at invitational

Jamaica: Out of many, won! The Jamaica National team celebrated two victories at the annual Dr. Sander Invitational Columbia Challenge, held at The Armory in Washington Heights on Jan. 26. Both of the island nation’s women’s and men’s teams competed in the 4 x 200-meter relay race — coming in first place. Comment

Hands off Venezuela

Venezuela: On Jan. 22 Vice President of the US, Mike Pence made a video directly addressing the people of Venezuela. In it he declared that “Nicolas Maduro is a dictator, with no legitimate claim to power.” He did so he said, “on behalf of Donald Trump and all the American people.” He pledged his “unwavering support” for those planning to take to the streets the following day to try to oust President Maduro from power. He said he supported the call by Juan Guaidó, opposition leader and head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, “to declare Maduro a usurper.” Comment
Trinidad and Tobago: Antigua Antigua and Barbuda recorded one million visitors in 2018, topping the figure in 2017. This is according to figures released by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA) recently. Comment
Guyana: Mrs. Marilyn Butters-Green, the mother of a college-educated daughter, like many Guyanese parents, assures that education is paramount to a child’s overall upbringing and lifelong success. Comment
Jamaica: Jamaican-born New York legislators Assemblyman Nick Perry and Senator Leroy Comrie presented citations to Jamaica’s Reggae Girl Nicole McClure, who was a special guest of the Queens-based Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB), at its 25th anniversary launch, at the Jamaica Consulate in midtown Manhattan on Jan. 8. Comment

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