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Thursday, Sept. 12 (See map view)

Volunteers are an essential part of Teatown. Special events, teen internships, gardeners, guides, and stewards — there is a spot for you at Teatown. Find out what opportunities match your interests at our Volunteer Fair!

When: Thursday, Sept. 12, 6pm–8pm

Sunday, Sept. 15 (See map view)

Bats are one of the most maligned creatures in the natural world, often portrayed as evil blood-sucking critters. In reality, these amazing mammals play an important ecological role as pollinators and as nature’s pest control squad. We will discuss their special adaptations, dispel myths, and learn ways to conserve this vital species.

When: Sunday, Sept. 15, 11am–12pm

Sunday, Sept. 29 (See map view)

Nature’s friends need roofs over their heads! Using natural items found on the forest floor, pinecones, twigs, pebbles, acorns, and more, construct a home for your favorite fairy or gnome to live in.

When: Sunday, Sept. 29, 1pm–2pm

Results 1–3 of 3.

Pages: 1

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