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Walmart’s use of tax havens hurts small businesses

Viewpoints: Recent revelations that Walmart, the world’s biggest corporation, is maintaining secret subsidiaries in well-known offshore tax havens are outrageous but far from surprising to small business owners. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: Former murder convict Ashworth Bunche who is facing a life sentence, had his sentence overturned by the Court of Appeal due to “trial judge errors” among other things. Comment

Independent & Foreign Films

Movies: Best of Enemies (R for sexuality, nudity and profanity) File footage documentary featuring the series of nine, nationally-televised, live-TV debates between liberal Gore Vidal and arch-conservative William F. Buckley covering such hot-button topics as politics, religion and sexuality, which degenerated into name-calling affairs where the pair referred to each other as a “crypto-Nazi” and a “queer.” Comment

All to hail Geoffrey Holder: T&T’s Renaissance Man

Trinidad and Tobago: Two months shy of the one-year anniversary of the passing of legendary showman Geoffrey Holder, Lincoln Center will highlight some of his excellence by celebrating his life’s work. Comment

Vincy Unity Picnic in Ontario a blast!

St Vincent: Tens of thousands of Vincentians converged on the massive Brown’s Bay Park in the 1,000 Is. area in Ontario, Canada on Saturday for the annual Vincy Unity Picnic. Comment


Guyana: Just about two months before Guyanese went to the polls in early May to vote out the then governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP) after 23 consecutive years in office, the country was startled by the political assassination of prominent opposition activist and former army officer Courtney Crum Ewing as he campaigned in a residential district outside the city. Comment


Sports: Seventy-three thousand fans at MetLife Stadium (Rutherford, NJ) last Sunday night, July 19, and a worldwide audience of millions saw an abhorrent act by fans during the Mexico-Costa Rica CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinal game. Comment

Guyanese protest outside Venezuelan Embassy

Venezuela: The inflamed issue of Venezuela’s claim to Guyana’s Essequibo region is not being lost on Guyanese Citizens in the New York area. Comment

Barbados Tridents lead CPL points table

Trinidad and Tobago: With the six participating teams in the Hero Caribbean Premier League, the Barbados Tridents top the points table after 10 games with 12 points. Comment

Reid’s team debuts in league

Queens: Dave Reid is the head basketball coach of a team in the Lincoln Park area of Queens. His squad, mainly from the South Ozone Park area of Queens, New York, is one of 60 teams competing in the Child’s Play League whose games are contested outdoors at the PS 127 playground in East Elmhurst. Comment

Oxygen makes soulful Reggae

Music: Musicians no longer operate in one set genre. New emerging artists and bands are fusing sounds to generate their own new genre that speaks to their uniqueness and aesthetic. Comment

‘Life in the Rain Forest’

Arts & Theater: Torrential rains in the Caribbean last year created a damp and dense atmosphere in the forested area where my family and I vacationed. The flora and fauna challenged us. We endured the constant buzz of the various insects. The melodious sounds of the birds, the beautiful flowers and plants were a joy to behold. Comment

Misrepresentation from the people’s representatives

Viewpoints: Albeit with the high court’s infamous Citizens United decision the claim has become quite a bit more hollow, but Americans continue to herald this country as one of the foremost bastions of democracy. Comment

Jamaican college nabs major investor partner

Jamaica: The University College of the Caribbean (UCC) located in Jamaica is aggressively advancing its strategic plans to become the first private university college in the Caribbean to go public. Comment

U.S. restores full diplomatic ties with Cuba

Cuba: There is a new star in Washington, D.C. Along with 50 representing states of the union on the Stars and Stripes flag, another added to the galaxy that comprise the Caribbean and re-establishes Cuba’s severed relations with the United States. Comment

Mobile boutique brings you the latest

People: There is a fully operational purple truck roaming the streets of New York City. Inside you will find clothes, jewelry, cell phone accessories and a dressing room. Comment

All day feast on Jamaican Jerk favorites

Food: Queens might still be covered in jerk spices, smoke and proud Jamaican flags. With high praises, full bellies, cooking demos and plenty more, the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival took over the borough’s Roy Wilkins Park for a day of “food, family and fun.” Comment

‘Who are We?’ asks Kaios International

Arts & Theater: In asking the simple question, “Who are We?,” the Brooklyn-based Kaios International Mas Band hopes to be a strong contender in this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Comment

Grenada Day 2015 — An overall success

Grenada: Marking its seventh anniversary, Grenada Day 2015 held on Sunday, July 19 at the Old Boys and Girls Field on Rutland Road in Brooklyn was largely successful — well-attended, with a plethora of vendors, creators, business professionals and consultants showcasing the best of Grenadian and Caribbean cuisine, arts and crafts, designs, spices, herbal products, etcetera — except for an unplanned, unfortunate altercation at the end, which led to a slightly premature end of the event. Comment

Clarke opposes attempt to undermine public schools

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke voted no to a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, which she said undermines public schools. Comment

One Destiny to showcase ‘Fantasy Of The Falls’

Arts & Theater: One Destiny Mas band, with costume designer Zeelema Verwayne at the helm, will showcase Guyana’s diverse culture, bringing into focus the country’s renowned Kaieteur Water Falls in a themed “Fantasy of the Falls” presentation. Comment

A bittersweet boxing tale of redemption

Movies: Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) surmounted incredible odds en route to becoming the World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champ. After all, his prospects weren’t exactly brilliant, given how he’d been abandoned by his mother at birth. Comment

Gwendolyn O’Neil: Ladder of success

Guyana: At 5 am every day the alarm clock sounds and the five-time Boxing World Champion Gwendolyn O’Neil daily devotion begins. Comment

Sole immigrant on U.S. currency might become history

St Kitts and Nevis: Whoever said ‘silence is golden’ was not referring to talk about changing the face of a particular U.S. paper money. Comment

NYU Lutheran awarded $750k to help HIV patients

Brooklyn: New York University (NYU) Lutheran Family Health Centers have received a grant by the Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the tune of $757,793 to be used among high HIV patient populations in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Flatbush / East Flatbush, Park Slope / Red Hook, Brownsville and Crown Heights. Comments (1)

New company focuses on youth talent

Now Production Company, a new artist management company will be launching its very own soca artist, Camile and eight-year-old Jalani on Saturday, Sept. 26 at Club Nova, Brooklyn, NY. Comment

Efforts to help Caribbean finance development

Caribbean: As Caribbean and other countries meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to consider ways to ensure adequate financing for sustainable development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is taking measures to boost access to its resources, help countries better mobilize domestic revenue and focus more of its own work on issues such as equity, inclusion and the environment. Comment

ECLAC proposes debt relief for Caribbean countries

Caribbean: The United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has proposed debt relief for Caribbean countries on the part of multilateral credit institutions and the creation of a regional resilience fund. Comment

Independent & Foreign Films

Capital C (Unrated) Crowdfunding documentary exploring the benefits and pitfalls of financing an entrepreneurial enterprise by pitching a plethora of potential investors via social networking. Comment

Shades of Face/Off in brain transplant sci-fi thriller

Movies: In the 1997 thriller “Face/Off,” an FBI agent underwent a face transplant in order to crack a terrorist plot. It’s hard not to think of that film while watching “Self/Less” which revolves around another radical surgical procedure, namely, the implantation of a cancer patient’s brain inside the cranium of a healthy individual. Comment

Legislation that could end unwanted medical treatment

Health: Roughly 25 million Americans have been subjected to unwanted medical treatment at some point in their lives, and that means we have a healthcare system that is not listening to patients. We all say we believe in patient-centered health care, and now we have a bill in the U.S. Congress that would put our money where our mouths are. Literally. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: Four Caribbean countries, St. Lucia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti have been identified as countries outside the United States that companies will move to in five to l0 years. Comment

Venezuela to stop buying rice from Guyana amid dispute

Venezuela: GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) _ Venezuela has decided to stop buying much of Guyana’s rice crop amid an escalating border dispute between the South American neighbors, the Guyanese finance minister said Thursday. Comments (1)

Gayle slams 105 runs in 57 balls

Sports: Chris Gayle played a swashbuckling innings at the Sabina Park Grounds in Jamaica against the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel in the Hero Caribbean Premier League 2015. Comment

The business case for the Carbon Tax

Viewpoints: History offers a great many examples of individuals, groups and societies that lived too much in the moment and compromised longer term prosperity - or in some cases (think Easter Island) even survival. It’s the same with climate change today. Comment


Caribbean: A formal letter of complaint Caribbean trade group governments plan to send to European nations demanding reparations payments for the Trans Atlantic slave trade is ready for signing by leaders and is to be dispatched in the coming weeks. Comment

Global warming a Carib threat

Caribbean: Subject to double vulnerability, from external economic shocks and natural disasters, the Organization of American States (OAS) says the islands of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) see sustainable development as an “urgent necessity rather than a politically correct slogan for the future.” Comment

Vincentian group conducts mission to Grenada

St Vincent: Teaming up with a Grenadian-born member, a Vincentian philanthropic group in the Bronx recently conducted what members described as a very successful mission to Grenada. Comment


Arts & Theater: What does the Caribbean and William Shakespeare have in common? In many depictions of his famous plays, the characters are often depicted to be white and set in the many countries of Europe. The Cultural Theatre of Harlem, however, is taking Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and infusing an Afro-Caribbean layer to create a universal story. Comment

Windies in tri-series

Caribbean: The West Indies team will participate in a tri-series against Zimbabwe and Pakistan in Zimbabwe in August and September this year. This was confirmed by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in a media release last week following a board of directors quarterly meeting at the Accra Beach Hotel in Barbados. Comment

Magnitude-6.4 quake strikes in ocean northeast of Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) _ A strong earthquake struck Thursday in the ocean northeast of Barbados and was widely felt throughout the Caribbean, but officials said there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Comment

Many leave DR for Haiti to avoid deportation

Haiti: OUANAMINTHE, Haiti (AP) _ Thousands of people from Haiti or merely of Haitian descent aren’t waiting to see if they’ll be forcibly removed from the Dominican Republic now that the deadline has passed to apply for legal residency. Comment


Trinidad and Tobago: Caribbean teams so far are getting a big kick out of the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer tournament as three of the four participants — Jamaica, Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago — have qualified for the quarterfinal round. Cuba, hit by several player-defections, was eliminated with a pointless record in its two games, with only Guatemala to play. Comment

Attention hoop buffs!

Sports: One does not have to be a player to sit among the crowd and catch exciting basketball regardless of age during the hot summer months. The players who compete, especially in the high school division in such a league are capable of being the possible stars of tomorrow. Comment
Guyana: Guyana’s award-winning billion-dollar XM Rum company has eluded the Guyanese community in New York for way too long due to stringent U.S. laws and regulations. But thanks to persistent requests from consumers for the alcohol, Banks DIH Limited recently partnered with New Jersey Royal Wine Incorporated, to distribute the popular liquor. Comment

New Generation presents ‘Dream Catcher’

Arts & Theater: In continuing the legacy of her late Trinidadian-born mother Kathyann Hernandez, who went to the Great Beyond two years ago, Patrice Simmons says she is maintaining Hernandez’s high standards in presenting “Dream Catcher” this Labor Day. Comment

BRAATA to tour Trinidad

Arts & Theater: Braata Productions, a New York based cultural non-profit, has joined the list of charitable organizations turning to crowdfunding as a means of raising funds. Comment

CACCI to pay special tribute on 30th anniversary

Brooklyn: The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI) continues its celebration of 30 years of service to the small business community with a special tribute to its founding members and corporate partners. Comment

A thickening plot for upcoming T&T election

Trinidad and Tobago: Anyone tuned in to the ebb and flow of current-day politics in Trinidad and Tobago would be aware that for at least three years now, it’s been known that the 2015 general election, now scheduled for Sept. 7, would be a significant marker in the country’s political evolution. Comment

Garner anniversary to coincide with Madiba Day

Brooklyn: “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela Comment
New York: New York City proved the best venue for showcasing a positive aspect to International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the athletic women champions who won their third World Cup recently. Comment

SoundCity Mas’ ‘Sucre’ for Labor Day

Arts & Theater: With about 30 years of mas-making experience, the producers of the Brooklyn-based SoundCity Mas are hoping to make a difference on Labor Day with “Sucre.” Comment

Bring back standards for women’s reproductive health

Viewpoints: As Americans, we strive for safety — the safest medicines, cars and toys. But when it comes to women’s reproductive health, state legislatures have passed about 250 laws since 2011 that put women’s health at risk. Comment
With the University of Guyana continuously expanding to include a wider variety of degree programs, students now have more options to pursue their dreams. Comment
Sports: GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) _ Sheldon Bateau and Andre Boucaud scored goals for Trinidad and Tobago in its 2-0 victory over Cuba on Sunday in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Comment

D’Midas presents ‘Kaleidoscope on Broadway’

Brooklyn: The Brooklyn-based D’Midas International, N.Y. is hoping to continue doing well in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade, as it presents “Kaleidoscope on Broadway.” Comment

MLK Concert Series take a hit

Music: Once regarded as one of the best deals in Brooklyn, the annual Martin Luther King summer concert series returns with an abbreviated lineup that begins and end with only four performance dates. Comment

Women in sport – Scoring for equality

Viewpoints: UNITED NATIONS, July 13, 2015 (IPS) - The Women’s World Cup has shown people everywhere what women athletes are all about: skill, strength, unity and determination. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the winners — the team from the United States — and to all others who participated. You are inspiring millions of women and girls around the world to pursue their goals and dreams. Comment

Venezuela reviews relations with Guyana

Venezuela: President Nicolas Maduro last week recalled Venezuela’s ambassador in neighboring Guyana for consultation amid mounting tensions over their disputed border. Comment

Bahamas gets help in reducing crime

Bahamas: The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a US$20 million loan to help reduce crime and violence in the Bahamas, targeting at risk youths and strengthening institutional capabilities of the justice system, among other actions. Comment

Street vending at the touch of an app

Haiti: Anything can be made available to us with just a push of a button on our favorite smart devices. Now, even grandma is technologically savvy and as we continue to advance it only makes sense to utilize these advancements for something a bit more meaningful than the usual selfie. Comment

St. Lucia to make Caribbean court its final court

Caribbean: The St. Lucia government says it will soon table legislation that will allow for the island to make the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) its final court of appeal, replacing the London-based Privy Council. Comment

Blue & John Crow Mountains now world heritage site

Jamaica: Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains has been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nation’s Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: A new, larger terminal at the V.C Bird International Airport, the home base for regional airline LIAT, will open shortly in Antigua. Comment

Carib pols welcome appointment of special prosecutor

People: Caribbean legislators in Brooklyn have generally welcomed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to appoint Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as a special prosecutor in cases where an unarmed person dies at the hands of a law enforcement officer. Comment

Dwayne Bravo creates history

Caribbean: West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo created history when he became both the first Trinidad and Tobago national and first ever cricketer to be nominated in any category in the prestigious ESPY Awards in the USA. Comment

Thousands attend African Arts Festival

Arts & Theater: The International African Arts Festival (IAAF) began in 1971 as the African Street Carnival, a PTA’s block party fundraiser for an independent school in Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn with local entertainers, about 20 arts and crafts vendors, along with food prepared by the parents. Almost 2,000 people came to the event and it was a success. Comment

Knicks strive to move up

New York: Jerian Grant was known to be a scorer for Notre Dame during his four-year college career. He also can play at other positions on the court and be more of putting the ball in the hoop. Comment


Sports: The USA national team became the first to win the Women’s World Cup three times when it defeated defending champion and old nemesis Japan, 5-2, last Sunday in Vancouver, British Colombia. Comment

South Jersey Carib fest celebrates 15th anniversary

Music: The South Jersey Caribbean Cultural and Development Organization (SJCCDO) last Saturday celebrated its 15th Annual South Jersey Caribbean Festival at Wiggins Park at the Camden waterfront. Comment


Venezuela: Guyana’s aggressive courting of international diplomatic partners such as the 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the United Nations appeared to have pushed back plans by neighboring Venezuela to successfully lay claim to a large new offshore area that had stretched all the way to the small Eastern island nations but there is every indication that the simmering border controversy will worsen in the coming months. Comment

Warner hires legal team

Trinidad and Tobago: Former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner has hired a team of attorneys, including British Queen’s Counsel Edward Fitzgerald to fight his extradition to the United States. Comment

Kooks think White House is winnable

Viewpoints: Although we remain adamant, in this space, that the less said about one Donald Trump the better, it should be more than a bit bothersome to the bulk of the national electorate that it was a good news / bad news scenario that followed this racist buffoon’s entry into the Republican field of presidential nominees. Comment
Food: The start of summer is literally days away. Barbeques, picnics and cookouts will be taking place in every community across the country by the thousands But there is something special, mysterious and magical about the mouthwatering flavors of the Jamaican jerk and barbeque seasonings and spices. Comment
Caribbean: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says Caribbean states are “lighting the path” towards a sustainable future, as the international community is in the final stretch of preparing a transformative post-2015 agenda for sustainable development. Comment

Guyanese nationals hailed at Brooklyn Boro Hall

Guyana: President David Granger’s message that states Guyana celebrates the Independence it gained 49 years ago on May 26, 1966 guided by the inspirational national motto “One People One Nation One Destiny,” rang true recently at Brooklyn Borough Hall, where nationals commemorated their autonomy. Comment

Zouks defeat Tridents in Caribbean Premier League

The St. Lucia Zouks surprised the Barbados Tridents in a high scoring match in the hero Caribbean Premier League. Comment


Music: KINGSTON, Jamaica – The buzz has begun about Reggae Sumfest, the acclaimed “greatest reggae show on earth.” Slated to begin next week at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, some of the biggest names in reggae are billed. Comment

Apply for Destination>Brooklyn mini-grants: Adams

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) are urging the borough’s small local cultural organizations to apply for the second annual Destination>Brooklyn mini-grants. Comment

‘Dingolay’ presents: Rave The Yellow Edition

Arts & Theater: Dingolay’s mas band one-color concept has put them in good standing. With a third place win at the 2014 Labor Day Carnival on Eastern Parkway, the band is now positioning itself to take home first prize when it invades the parade on Monday, Sept. 7. Comment

Reggaefarians rally ‘Round the Red, Gold & Green

Music: KINGSTON, Jamaica – On one day, July One — acclaimed by reggae music lovers as International Reggae Day — a global celebration by more than 23 countries dominated the music industry by hosting events marking 21 years of tribute to the genre birthed in Jamaica. Comment

Hot ‘N spicy but clean comedy

Arts & Theater: It is said that laughter is good for your health. A hearty laugh can change the outlook of a bad day, even if only for the few moments a chuckle might last. Comment

The life of a 1960s Harlem kid

Books: Your last family reunion was a big one. It was fun, too, and eye-opening. You hadn’t really stopped to think about how many people are related to you until you saw aunts you hadn’t seen in decades and met cousins you didn’t even know you had. Comment

Everyone can’t simply move to the Caribbean

Brooklyn: Living life on an island with beautiful ocean views, breathtaking sunsets, rich in culture, history, food and plenty rum — that is a life envious of anyone. Whether you are of Caribbean descent or not, there is something enticing about leaving the fog and dirty beaches of our beloved New York City for that clear ocean blue found in Trinidad and Tobago or the Bahamas. Comment
Movies: Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) was understandably unhappy when she learned from her mother (Diane Lane) and father (Kyle MacLachlan) that the family was relocating from Minnesota to San Francisco. After all, she’d be leaving behind her home, her hockey team and all her BFFs. Comment

Independent & Foreign Films

Movies: 10,000 Km (R for profanity, graphic sexuality and brief frontal nudity) Romantic dramedy, set in L.A. and Barcelona, about a couple’s (David Verdaguer and Natalia Tena) struggle to maintain a long-distance relationship. (In Spanish, Catalan and English with subtitles) Comment

UN leader offers assistance in Guyana-Venezuela dispute

Venezuela: BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) _ U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday offered assistance to resolve an escalating border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela. Comment

Haiti president, business leaders open new container port

Haiti: PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) _ Haitian President Michel Martelly, business leaders and civic boosters inaugurated an $80 million container port Thursday aimed at giving the hemisphere’s poorest country a much bigger role in global shipping. Comment

Enshrining a presumption of openness

Viewpoints: The president has a new opportunity to ensure that the openness policies laid out on his first day of office do not end on his last day. On Jan. 21, 2009, President Obama signed an executive order and two presidential memoranda to usher in what he called a “new era of openness.” Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: CARICOM says it disagrees with statements that the 15-member regional grouping “has been slow” to deal with the unfolding situation in the Dominican Republic where people of Haitian descent are being deported from the Spanish-speaking country. Comment
St Vincent: KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, July 1, 2015 (IPS) - Fifteen years ago, Stephanie Browne, a former Member of Parliament in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, needed only to look at the beach outside her house to know why her community in Union Island was called “Big Sand.” Comment
Belize: Since she was seven years old, Anna Ramirez, now 63, has been fishing with her family off the coast of Belize’s southernmost district – Toledo, but her gender has not stopped her from working just as hard as the men do while at sea. Comments (1)

Healthy twists on Caribbean dishes

Food: Can organic, healthy and Caribbean be said all in the same sentence? Words such as rich and heavy are often used to describe Caribbean food with jerk chicken, rice and peas and more leading the charge with hefty portions. Nola Ro is combatting these affiliations with her healthy twists on what Caribbean American food can be from tasty hummus filled cucumber bites to coconut wings. Comments (2)

Loads of fun at Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival

Music: A cultural extravaganza to dial up the fun is what organizers have planned for the 5th Annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival NY on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, New York. The popular Western Union Cultural Stage, with the multi-talented MC Sherry Morgan, promise loads of fun for adults and kids alike as fans feast on their favorite jerk cuisine. Comment

Carib music in Central Park

Music: Reggae and soca fans reveled in Central Park to some of their favorite recording artists Saturday despite heavy showers and threatened thunderstorms in order to help celebrate the 35th anniversary of VP Records, an independent label reputed for its consistent dedication to the distribution of Caribbean music. Comment

Stricter chemical rules good for the industry

Viewpoints: Most people probably don’t check the labels of chemical products they use, or go online to do research about how dangerous certain chemicals are. That’s understandable, but it’s also a shame, because there are a lot of scary chemicals out there. Comment


Venezuela: At the urgings of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and a few other island nations, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been invited to discuss his country’s decades-old claim to large swathes of Guyana’s on and offshore territories at the regional leaders summit beginning in Barbados on Thursday. Comment

Fair chance for New Yorkers

Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed the New York City Fair Chance Act into law, ensuring that all New Yorkers, even those with a criminal record, have an equal opportunity to compete for a job. Comment
Brooklyn: The doctor is in! This past Monday on June 29, 2015 Dr. Javid Yadegar and his partners hosted a grand opening event and ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new location of Elite Medical Clinic at 721 Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn, New York. Comment


Sports: Last Sunday, June 28, 2015, marks a remarkable day for soccer in the USA. The only two games played on this day – one on the Atlantic Coast and the other on the Pacific Coast – reflect the heights of popularity the game has achieved from coast to coast, from New York to Portland. It is further evidence of soccer’s rapidly growing staying power. Comment
Sports: Denesh Ramdin’s captaincy may be soon coming to an end after so many ill decisions that caused the team havoc in almost every aspect of captaincy. Former West Indies Test Captain Darren Sammy was not the best of captains either but he had a clever manner in which he created team unity in pursuit of one common goal. Comment

Nets seek help up front

Sports: In a sense, the sport of basketball is an all-year round activity. With now being summer, the teams belonging to the National Basketball Association already completed its draft of college players. The coaches are already talking about the free agency market to improve their teams. Comment

Caribbean Airlines ticket sale

Trinidad and Tobago: Caribbean Airlines on July 1 announced a 4th of July sale of 10 percent off all fares from Port of Spain to destinations in the Caribbean, North America and the UK. Tickets must be purchased between July 1 and July 4, 2015 and are valid for travel between Sept. 15 and Oct. 31, 2015. Comment

A mission to make ‘insulting’ acceptable

Viewpoints: As he jumps into the crammed boxcar of GOP presidential hopefuls, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s handlers have evidently come up with strategy that is a flat-out head scratcher. Comment

Rent freeze a win for tenants

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Councilman Jumaane Williams have welcomed the decision by the rent control board to freeze for one year rent increases, saying it’s a win for tenants. Comment
Arts & Theater: August Martin High School is known as the “worst school” in New York with a graduation rate of 39 percent. Students attending August Martin often describe their school as a jail or mental institution, however, their description does not apply to a too strict faculty or over-representation of school safety officers. Comment

Vincentian designer celebrates anniversary

Fashion: With music pumping and patrons reveling in the atmosphere, leading Vincentian fashion designer, Zulema N. George, recently celebrated in style the third anniversary of AK Couture Boutique & Beauty Bar in the epicenter of the Caribbean community in Brooklyn. Comments (1)

An ‘Invincible’ thriller for the king of pop

Music: On Friday, June 19, “Invincible”… A Glorious Tribute To The King of Pop made its New York premiere at the Apollo Theater in NYC. This totally fabulous production was adorned with precision lighting, timely bursts of fog and of course a collection of MJ’s most memorable outfits. Comment

Jamaican opposition endorses bid by diasporans

Jamaica: Jamaica’s opposition party leaders are vigorously urging the People’s National Party’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and members of her administration to explore ways to give members of the diaspora a constituent vote in Jamaica. Comment

Caribbean African Reggae Fest

Music: Music is the international language that transcends culture and state lines. New York is a hub for international acts to reach another edge of their audience as seen in popular music festivals like Prospect Park’s concert series at the Bandshell. Comment
Guyana: The illustrious careers of three phenomenal Caribbean-born women and their commitment to serve the community were highlighted during a Caribbean American Heritage Month celebration and awards presentation, in the Ball Room of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn. Comment

The ACP at 40 – Repositioning as a global player

BRUSSELS, June 28, 2015 (IPS) - In his memoirs, Glimpses of a Global Life, Sir Shridath Ramphal, then-Foreign Minister of the Republic of Guyana, who played a leading role in the evolution of the Lomé negotiations that lead to the birth of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States, pointed to the significant lessons of that engagement of developed and developing countries some 40 years ago and had this to say: Comment

Self-reverential sequel revives horror franchise

Movies: How do you revive an expiring film franchise that was ostensibly put out of its misery over a dozen years ago after audiences became jaded with over-saturated visual effects they no longer found spellbinding? Comment

Successful medical mission to Grenada

Grenada: A major Brooklyn community group has conducted a very successful medical mission to Grenada. Comment
Energy and excitements were felt in Brooklyn on Sunday, June 14, when Guyanese took over the streets to spread unity, and called on each other to uphold Guyana’s motto of “One People, One Nation One Destiny,” during a parade that kicked off at 11:30 am from the corner of Bedford and Church avenues. Comment

Grenada rebuilds barrier reefs

Grenada: BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Jun 24 2015 (IPS) - The Eastern Caribbean nation of Grenada is following the example of its bigger neighbours Belize and Jamaica in taking action to restore coral reefs, which serve as frontline barriers against storm waves. Comment
Caribbean Healthcare Awards: Thirty four honorees were feted at the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope for their achievments in healthcare. Check out our story and slideshow. Comment

City Council cite veteran Jamaican artists

Music: It was a busy Saturday for Councilwoman Laurie A. Cumbo but she carved out enough time from her hectic schedule to present citations to veteran performers whose contribution to Jamaica’s music industry is indelibly imprinted in the nation’s historical archives. Comment

Caribbean RoundUp

Trinidad and Tobago: An amnesty program in Antigua and Barbuda geared towards giving non-nationals the opportunity to regularize their status has been extended. Comment

International African Arts Festival returns to Brooklyn

Well, it’s officially summer, and it is time for the 44th Annual International African Arts Festival. From Thursday, July 2 to Sunday, July 5, the International African Arts Festival (IAAF or Festival) returns to Commodore Barry Park, located on Navy Street between Park and Flushing avenues in the Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Comment

Independent & Foreign Films

Movies: Amy (R for profanity and drug use) Bittersweet biopic revisiting the rise and fall of Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse who died of alcohol poising in 2011 at the age of 27. Featuring appearances by Tony Bennett, Mark Ronson and Mos Def. Comment

Celebrate International Reggae Day July 1

Music: At the start of July, the world will be consumed by Reggae music. For 24 hours, International Reggae Day (IRD) Festival – a global media festival – will celebrate the best of Jamaica’s creativity and contributions worldwide. Comment
People: Our gala event last night celebrated the achievements of Caribbean Americans in healthcare. Click above to meet our honorees! Read more…


Haiti: Caribbean Community governments this week appealed to the Dominican Republic to halt the expulsion of people of Haitian descent in the wake of a simmering dispute over the island’s denial of them to have citizenship. Comment


Music: You know Carnival is here when steel pan yards are alive with music in the wee hours of the night. Pan music isn’t constrained to just Carnival season, a rich culture and history is beaten into every oil drum. Comment

Tent prez happy with semi picks

Music: After being weary of what he had characterized as failure to select, over the years, very deserving calypsonians from his tent, the president of the Brooklyn-based Dynamite Calypso Tent, Ainsley Primus, has expressed delight with the number of selections for this year’s semifinal round in the National Calypso Competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Comment

Identity Crisis: Navigating my roots

Haiti: I am a first generation Haitian American. I am born to two very proud Haitians who migrated to New York City in their teens in hopes of furthering their education and opportunity. Fluent speakers of Haitian Creole and French, my parents are bi-lingual while my siblings and I struggle to respond in our parent’s native tongue. Unfortunately, like many other Haitian Americans, I can understand the language far better than I can speak it. Comment


Sports: The second edition of the local derby between the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC kicks off on Sunday at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx (5 pm, ESPN2) and adding to the intrigue of this local rivalry is the reversal of fortunes of the MLS teams involved. Comment

Hoop league in full swing

Sports: Now that the National Basketball Association schedule is over, most of the attention goes on building for next season and the free agent market during the off season. Comment

Tridents defeat Amazon Warriors

Caribbean: The Caribbean Premier League started in flying colors with the Tridents defeating the Guyana Amazon Warriors. The Tridents scored 158 runs for 6 wickets in their 20 overs with captain Kieron Pollard scoring 48 runs from 26 balls. Comment

Brooklyn duo ‘nails’ it with Breukelen Polished

Trinidad and Tobago: Ease back into a plush chair and let your mind wander. Your hands are precious, used daily and abused by dish washing soap, turning doorknobs, handshakes with other movers and shakers and much more. Comments (6)

Dine Caribbean in fine style

Food: Throw the word “diet,” “waist trainer” and the phrase “summer body” out the window. The second annual Caribbean Restaurant Week is upon us, from June 22 - 29. Fourteen different locations are prepared to satisfy your taste buds, stomach and most importantly your wallet with discounts prices. Comment

Caribbean flair and fashion

Fashion: Georgetown-based fashion designer Sonia Noel literally turned the rotunda of Brooklyn Borough Hall into a runway on June 12. In just 45 minutes the Guyana Fashion Week CEO was triumphant in hosting 16 designers, presenting more than 40 pieces of garment and accessories, all the while showcasing the multi-cultural identity of the couturiers. Comment

Forced to act right in Charleston

Image-wise, the South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley, had it going on all cylinders, including a show of emotion whose genuineness we have no reason to doubt, when she was first heard from following the unspeakable horror at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston. The state, she said, had to grieve, to heal, to reach out to bereaved kin, etc. Comment

Trinidad readies for General Election

Trinidad and Tobago: The campaign for the Sept. 7, 2015 General Election in Trinidad and Tobago kicked off last week. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, 63, announced the date in a statement at the House of Representatives, Port of Spain that she would advise President Anthony Carmona “to dissolve parliament at midnight on June 17, 2015 — a move which will bring to an end the tenth parliament and clear the way for the eleventh.” Comment

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