Santana to star in ‘Who Shot The Sheriff’ movie

Honorees Salvador Santana and Carlos Santana seen at Peace Over Violence 42nd Annual Humanitarian Awards, on Friday, Oct., 25, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for POV/AP Images, File

Bob Marley’s hit title song “I Shot The Sheriff?” might have been the inspiration for a film venture that will star the son of one of the music industry’s most successful musicians.

Reports are that Vincentian John A. Andrew plans to use the title from his 2012 novel “Who Shot The Sherriff” — to adapt a big-screen version that probably will be alluring to movie-goers and perhaps fans of the reggae legend. Drummer, Salvador Santana has already been cast to star in the film. If the name seems familiar it is because he is son of musician Carlos Santana.

The film is set in the gritty enclaves of the capital city of Kingston. The plot surrounds a character named Wesley Haynes, a reformed drug dealer accused of shooting Sheriff John Brown and his deputy Ron Charles.

Ballistic reports show that the bullets which killed the men are identical to the lethal three fired from guns that killed the sheriff and his deputy.

“My manager asked me if I’d be interested in participating in the film,” Santa explained. “I was immediately overwhelmed with excitement and it didn’t take long for me to say yes.”

Santana said he is looking forward to visiting Jamaica for the first time.

“I love the music,” he added.

“I forever appreciate the positive impact it has had for so many people all around the world.”

Russian Airlines suspends service to Jamaica

Jamaica’s tourism industry has been affected by the recent political developments between Russia and the Ukraine. Recently, the nation’s ministry of tourism announced that Transaero Airlines, the airline that provided services between the two countries will suspend travel beginning March 28.

The airline, which began direct travel from Moscow to Montego Bay two years ago provided winter service that allegedly boosted tourism from that region of the world. Reportedly, due to the successful trade, the seasonal service was expanded to continue throughout the entire year.

This development has been attributed to “dramatic currency fluctuations in Russia, their impact on airline operations and recent political developments.”

As a direct result of the development, the tourism ministry said the Jamaica Tourist Board’s (JTB) regional director in Europe, will be dispatched to Moscow “to keep in touch with the market and to protect the gains we have made there.”

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