Same-gender partnerships and President Obama’s support

The following is LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent’s response to President Barack Obama’s public statement in support of same sex marriage:

“As the public battle over President Obama’s public statement in support of same sex marriage unfolds, we find that the box is open.

The veil of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is lifted. Clergy and congregations have revealed who they really are and have exposed the authentic truths about their feelings and beliefs.

We, as same-gender -loving people, have sat in our houses of worship and silently heard messages of condemnation. Others have taken a defense of their pastor with the words: “I know that my pastor does not approve of my lifestyle but he never says anything hateful in his sermons.” Now, the box is open and the truth is revealed.

My concern is for the young people and the children sitting in those pews that now get the message loud and clear, “You are not a child of God, but you are an abomination!”

The message is not confined to the status of marriage; it becomes extended and the message is more deadly.

What do these children now believe about themselves? Are we to hear of more trauma, bullying and possibly suicides?

I ask our clergy to think of the consequences of their public statements. The story is not only of denying equal rights, but it makes the story of the civil rights the personal property of one group of people. Justice and equal rights belong to all people, but especially to those that have been disadvantaged and excluded from equal protections. Our understanding of our basic constitutional pledge of equality for all people is under attack. When we can legislate into our Constitution clauses that undermine the rights of all people, our future is in danger… not just the future of same-gender-loving people … but the future wellbeing of all of us.

LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent

LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent is a membership organization formed to educate and advocate for the rights of LGBT people in the Black community.

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