Sabotage of a Gun/Gang Violence Forum

A major forum on Gun and Gang violence in Brooklyn was ‘sabotaged’ by people using the old-school politics of destruction, says community organizers.

Friends of Wingate Park in partnership with BMS Family Health Center worked for months until Brooklyn acrid party politics intervened. The planned forum: ‘Parent 2 Children: I Have a Dream for My Child Forum on Gun/Gang Violence’ was to be held on January 20, 2014 at Thomas Jefferson H.S. Campus to mark the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Many elected officials like Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Council Members Inez Barron, Eugene Mathieu, Laurie Cumbo, William Boyland Jr and Myra Hepburn Vice President of NAACP New York Branch community organizations, The Peacekeepers: Beas Anderson,Fathers Alive In The Hood Kenny Carter, S.O.S. Save Our Streets: James Allen, SwagStar Nation: John Wilson, Musical Artist: Mikey Jarrett, People Survival Program, Shaka Shakur, WBAi 99.5 FM Where We Live: Deui Kion Sadiki, 100 Black Construction Workers: Barrie Smith and Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes: Shanduke McPhatter were confirmed to speak at the forum.

“We have been organizing this event for the last four months because of the crisis in our communities of Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, East Flatbush, Bed-Stuyvesant and Canarsie” said Vivia Morgan, President of Friends of Wingate Park. “We worked diligently until Brooklyn’s acrid party politics intervened.” On Tuesday January 14, 2014 parent coordinator from Thomas Jefferson H.S. Campus unexpectedly called Ms. Morgan and said “I’m sorry but your event has been canceled.” Morgan said she was stunned. “I was on a trip to Albany lobbying for 1.9 Billion dollars that our Mayor Bill De Blasio is asking Governor Cuomo to put in the budget for universal pre K, After school progams and grassroots organizations like Friends of Wingate Park when I got the news” she said,

“Our youths are killing each other and we must do something to change the devastation”, Ms. Morgan angrily said. “What they are doing is very unfair and destructive”. Morgan said the work had brought us much hope that we could ‘stop Gun/Gang violence’. “As you can see, our youth are now back in the streets with nothing to do,” she said. “These political operatives enjoy seeing us suffer. There is so much poverty here in Brooklyn, and it was hoped that the PARENTS 2 CHILDREN ‘I HAVE A DREAM FOR MY CHILD ’ project would help youths and families fend for themselves. What kind of politics is it that thrives on seeing our youth kill each other?” she said.

“Disgustingly, black politicians and there lackeys are talking nonsense about “having a conversation about violence” said Ms. Morgan. After School Programs and Grassroots organization like Friends of Wingate Park work to combat the epidemic of violence that has pledge our communities for far too long and rich people sabotage it. “This is a perfect example of what our Mayor has been saying about the tale of two cities,” said Morgan. “I am not going to take this laying down we must understand the significance of this program. Our children are dying in the streets. They are the ones who are suffering.”

Vivia Morgan,


Parent To Children Forum

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