Roy Pierre & Associates present ‘The Kente Kingdom’

“The ‘Queen of the Kente Kingdom’ from one of the sections of Roy Pierre & Associates Brooklyn Labor Day J’Ouvert 2019 band launch presentation.”
Keith Getter

As a poet, I can appreciate the alliteration in the name, “Kente Kingdom,” and the notion that it suggests royalty for each and every resident of such a country. In these uncertain times, it is only fitting that we invoke the powers of our ancestors, the lush terrain and landscape of our tribes. This is what will be witnessed in Roy Pierre & Associates presentation for Labor Day J’ouvert 2019.

On Saturday, July 27, the band put things in motion with a wonderful launch, patrons commenting on how high the bar was set for the mas season. In this African avant-garde production, the magical, mythical aspect of the kente fabric itself is what the band will emphasize, the intricate weave from the hands of the Ghanaian traditionalists.

Old will meet new, as modern Afro-sagaboys and women pay homage to the elders of the community in a pageantry of robes and gold and beads and sandals studded with precious stones. Interestingly, this offering harks back to one of the band’s earlier presentations with a similar theme: Afrocentric, in 1993!

In keeping with its 17-times Band of the Year record, Roy Pierre and Associates will aspire to once again give you quality mas. Come to the mas camp, open every night 6 pm to midnight, from Friday, Aug. 2 until Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 1. See the innovative display of dolls in kente and other African designs at Creme & Cocoa Creamery, 1067 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225, between Lefferts Ave. and Lincoln Road.

Join Roy Pierre & Associates for Labor Day J’ouvert 2019 in another winning spectacle!

For information, call Roy: 718 282 1229 or Mervyn: 718 462 5164.

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