Right time for marriage

Stu, the hired husband, and Chet, Jadovin’s married lover, fight to console Jadovine. L/R Gary Lawson (Stu). Regine Mont-Louis (Jadovine), and Larry Greenbush (Chet).

“Marry Me?!” written by KUBA, is a two-act romantic comedy that pokes fun at our immigration system and our institution of marriage.

“Marry Me?!” makes its New York premiere on Wednesday, March 28 at the Roy Arias Theatres located 300 West 43rd Street, (fifth floor) Manhattan.

The action of the play involves a young attractive female Haitian immigrant who is having an affair with an old married man. Unfortunately, Jadovin, the Haitian immigrant, loses her visa and is about to be deported. Desperate to avoid deportation, she and her married lover Chet comes up with a plan to hire a down-and-out writer to marry her.

Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, as Chet and Jadovin carry out their undercover scheme the fake husband wants to be a real husband, and Chet’s wife wants to know what is going on?!

The play’s action takes place over the course of several months. During this time, Chet and Jadovin try their best to keep Stu, the hired husband, ignorant of their romantic affair, while hiding their illicit romance from Chet’s wife Madeline. However, at strategic moments Teresa, the maid from hell, keeps exposing Chet’s infidelity. The action follows these characters as they bicker and fight over the meaning of love and commitment.

The play features the work of: Regine Mont-Louis, Larry Greenbush, Liz Peterson, Gary Lawson, and Flor Bromley.

Director: L. Earl Ford; Asst. Director Evria Dechane Atwel.

Jadovin and Chet (foreground) decide to call it quits as Jadovin’s hired husband (Stu) looks on. Regine Mont-Louis (Jadovin), Larry Greenbush (Chet) and Gary Lawson (Stu).

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