Richardson salutes Black History Month

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diana Richardson on Wednesday joined elected officials and others in saluting Black History Month.

In her “Richardson Report” to constituents, Richardson, who represents the 43rd Assembly District, noted that, during Black History Month, “we recognize the central role African Americans played in United States history, and we acknowledge the lives of those who struggled to make way for generations to come.

“We must take this time to continue to find ways to encourage equality for all,” said the daughter of St. Martin and Aruban immigrants, whose district covers the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Wingate and East Flatbush.

“Black History Month allows us to reflect on our complex history and remain hopeful about our future.,” added Richardson, who currently serves on the Assembly’s Committee on Banking; the Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions; the Committee of Children and Families; the Committee on Mental Health; and the Committee on Small Business.

“We look back and recognize the contributions of prominent African Americans in various fields of science, sports, politics and literature by figures like political leader Barbara Jordan, tennis player Althea Gibson, writer Alex Haley and activist Fannie Lou Hammer,” continued Richardson, who also serves as the Chairwoman of the Sub-Committee on Foster Care.

She said that, “unbeknownst to many, this month was initiated in 1926 by Historian Carter G. Woodson, who originally founded Negro History Week.”

Richardson said this week was dedicated to helping everyone to understand “the accomplishments, responsibilities and dignity indicative of African Americans.”

She noted that this observance later expanded to Black History Month and was officially recognized by the government in 1976.

“As we continue to celebrate this time, I implore you to learn from the struggle and opportunity that the blood, sweat and tears of our cultural past have had on our bright future,” Richardson urged constituents.

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