Rhythm Catcher Int’l presents ‘Misterios Del Mar’

Jamelia Allison portrays “The Goddess of Water.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The three-year-old, Brooklyn-based band Rhythm Catcher International is portraying “Misterios Del Mar,” Spanish for Mysteries of the Sea, this Labor Day.

The five-section band, led by Trinidadian Anton Reynolds, comprises: Goddess of the Sea, Yemaya, Calypso Siren, Seductive Siren and Sea Nymphs.

Reynolds, whose dream was to produce mas ever since he was “a little boy back home,” said “all sections are designed for women.

“This year, we did not include men, because we realized, in the past, men preferred just to buy a t-shirt,” he said, stating that each section comprises a maximum of 50 masqueraders.

“New York is a big melting pot, so our masqueraders are from all over the Caribbean,” he added. “Every one hopes to come in first, but most important, all masqueraders will have fun.”

Reynolds, who has been participating in carnival for more than 20 years, said, while Rhythm Catcher International is yet to win a top prize in the carnival, “our time is coming.”

Lana Maxwell portrays “Sea Nymph.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

He said masqueraders can expect “great music, a loving staff, food, beverages and, most of all, safety.

“Preparation are going accordingly,” he added. “We have a lovely staff that work around the clock to make sure needs and deadlines are met.”

Music will be supplied by Sterling Silver, Elegance Sounds and Desperado.

The mas camp is located at188 Linden Blvd., between Nostrand and Rogers avenues in Brooklyn.

Reynolds can be reached at (347) 656-0115.

Shanique Knight portrays “Siren of the Sea.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

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