Revelers seek to ‘Raise the Bar’

A costume designed by Joanne Gamaldo for the Frankie’s Lounge section of “Raise the Bar.”
Photo courtesy of Detailz Mas Camp

Detailz Mas Camp is relentlessly working to make its sophomore year of participation on Eastern Parkway for the Labor Day celebration a memorable one for its revelers. At the helm is Trinidadian born Michael “Mr Detailz” Dubois.

The band’s 2014 theme is “Raise the Bar” and all 10 sections represent bars throughout New York. The theme is meant as a nod to the diversity of bars and nightclubs in New York; as well as a call to elevate out mas culture to a higher artistic level. The Labor Day celebration is meant as a celebration of our heritage and culture, not just skimpy costumes.

“We in the mas world turned into a community of consumers and stopped being innovators in pageantry and creativity. We at Detailz Mas Productions are innovators trying to tap the new emerging talents and markets of Carnival! At Detailz Mas Productions we are more than mas, we are the total experience!,” says Dubois. Last year, Detailz competed in the small band category but this year they aim to compete in the medium category and “Raise the Bar” for themselves.

The sixth section in the line is Frankie’s Lounge designed by Joanne Gamaldo. The section is a nod to the popular nightspot that is nestled in bustling East Flatbush on the corners of Tilden Avenue and Veronica Place. Frankie’s come alive on weekends with patrons from all walks of life mixing and mingling in an energetic environment. The grown and sexy turn up, ready to party, adorned in their fineries to be noticed! Just like the partygoers at Frankie’s, this gold and silver costume is made to be noticed! The costume captures the energy of the crowd, the bling and the bright lights… All these elements are reflected in this fierce combination of glamour and sparkle. This is not a costume for shrinking violets. Come and “break away” for Labor Day 2014 in your gold and silver costume!! The Frankie’s costumes are priced from $185 to $235. For information on the Frankie’s Lounge section, please contact Joanne at 718-738-7281.

Detailz’s home is The Mecca at 173 Empire Blvd. in Brooklyn and is open every day. Detailz Mas Camp can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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