It’s not everyday you come across a person who is as dedicated, loyal and truly sincere as the one Khalilah Rose.

Dubbed by many as ‘Reggae’s Song Bird’, she’s not only a songstress, but an amazing songwriter as well.

Khalilah has a brand new 14-track CD titled “Zion’s Lullaby,” with the hit single ‘Hail H.I.M’ which is being requested by radio stations nationwide.

She has graced the cover of L3 Magazine, won the 2012 Best New Female Artist award, done duets with Turbulence and Lutan Fyah and has shared the stage with artists such as Etana, Everton Blender, Gyptian, Luciano, Capleton among others.

Khalilah has just left Jamaica where she conducted several media interviews and appeared on one of Jamaica’s No.1 TV programs, “Hype TV Jamaica”, and now she’s performing in Europe. This young lady is taking the world by storm; there is no doubt that.

Khalilah Rose is a musical sensation. But much like any success in life, it usually comes with a hard road, paved with struggles and tribulations; Khalilah Rose is no exception. At a young age, Khalilah knew that music was very much part of her everyday life. She knew that one day she too would be able to contribute her own words and melodies to the world of vinyl (CD’s for all the younger heads out there).

Growing up in a strict household, education and having a high corporate career wasn’t only expected; it was a must. While pursuing her masters degree in college, Khalilah became pregnant and before she knew it she was out on her own, fending for herself and raising a child as a single mother.

This is never an easy feat, and it’s even harder when one doesn’t have a support system. But Khalilah had two things: her baby and her music, and they became the driving force in her life. She took every experience she had, and every emotion she felt and transformed them into songs.

“Not Giving Up” is just one out of many, songs that can be heard on her CD, “Zion’s Lullaby”.

Some might say that Khalilah has overcome all obstacles in life, but unfortunately there are a few issues in the reggae community that continue to give her a fight.

When Khalilah is not in Jamaica she’s in New York, and her New York team — especially her manager, work extremely hard to ensure that she’s performing on stage shows or making guest appearances on TV and radio. It is no stretch of the imagination to say that ons is sure to see a poster of Khalilah somewhere on the streets of New York; she definitely has been kept in the public eyes and ears, so much so that it’s actually stirring up animosity among some managers and fellow artists within the New York area.

When asked about it in a recent interview with the California-based radio station, Rasta Vibrations/FCC Free Radio, Khalilah responded by saying, “I’ve done nothing wrong to them or anybody else. I don’t understand why they don’t like me anymore; especially since we all seemed to have gotten along so well.”

Despite all the negativity she over-hears on the streets of New York, it only motivates her more. Just as any struggle Khalilah has been confronted with, she turns to what she does best … her music. And, if Zion’s Lullaby is anything to go by, all I can say to the managers and artists is “continue to give her a fight; her next CD will only be greater.”

Courtesy English Town Promotions

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