Runs in the family: Reggae pop singer K’Reema, also the daughter of famous singer King Yellowman, is releasing her debut EP.
Jamie Barnett

Music runs in the family.

Reggae pop singer K’reema is coming out with her first EP, which is set to be released later this month. The daughter of popular reggae musician King Yellowman, the young artist was always exposed to music and even recorded several songs and music videos. But now she is taking her craft to the next level and delving into the field that made her father a household name, she said.

“Since coming out on the scene three years ago, I always wanted to do music from growing up and loving music as little girl,” she said. “I always dreamed of putting my music out there in the world and hoping that people enjoy it.”

And her debut single “Drop It” is appropriately titled based on a break she took since first launching her singing career. She got the idea from wondering fans.

“It was while since I had put out music — I was touring but not putting anything out, and people were asking when are you going drop music,” said K’Reema.

She said her music particularly focuses on relationships and a variety of feelings people experience. In her release, she explores those themes and hopes to elicit a mixture of listener reactions.

“I feel like I try to touch on everyday aspects from a female standpoint and as it pertains to us as women,” she said. “This EP is a rollercoaster of emotions and it’s such a dear project to me — it’s going to take you through a state of happiness, sadness, and excitement.”

Inspired by musicians such as Shania Twain, Beyonce, Tanya Stephens, and Beres Hammond, the singer describes her music as a mixture of reggae and pop — two sounds that encompass the two environments she was raised in, she said.

“I kind of wanted to touch on both sides of music, from growing up in Kingston and living here in New York,” she said. “I want to touch on my roots, and where I currently am in life.”

But while she loves having her father guide her in her career, she sometimes feels she has a higher bar to meet because of his celebrity but hopes fans can see beyond that.

“It’s great and it’s challenging at the same time, everyone knows my daddy and they’re wondering ‘Can she really do this,’ with a lot curiosity,” said K’Reema. “But I’m working hard to show that I’m my own artist, I really love to do this and I’m not trying to live off of my dad.”

And her father is one of her biggest supporters, she said. Growing up with music around her, K’Reema said it was only natural that she found a space in music, but more importantly she wanted listeners to know that she was more similar to them than otherwise.

“I want people to know K’Reema and love my music and know that I’m a regular everyday girl, a sister, a daughter and just getting my music out there,” she said. “Growing up in a big family, music always been that avenue for me to step out from brothers and sisters — I love music.”

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The singer who says she sometimes feels she has to meet the high expectations, strongly believes that she was destined for music.
Jamie Barnett

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