‘Regalia Is’ for Labor Day Carnival

Bahamian Taylor Armbrister portrays “Punk Couture.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Brooklyn-based Stronjeh International is infusing “Regalia Is” for this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival.

“This year’s presentation is infusing fashion with the craft of culture, the carnival gala,” said co-founder Edouard Connor, also known as “Caprice, King of Mas,” in a Caribbean Life interview.

The St. Maarten-born Connor founded the band in 2016 with Trinidadian Akin Ross.

Connor said “Regalia Is” comprises eight sections, including Goddess: The Classical Mode; The age of Napoleon Empire; La belle epoque beautiful; Heavenly Bodies; Comme de Garcon Art of the in-between; Punk: Chaos to Couture; and The House of Chane.

He said seven of the sections have “a male option,” with up to 100 masqueraders in each section.

“We’ve been doing mas for over 11 years, working with many other bands, and we decided to bring our own with a different flavor and twists to the culture,” Connor said.

“The West Indian American Day Parade has changed over the years,” he added. “So, I hope our performance is based on the energy of the band; so that means having pretty costumes is just the beginning, but having amazing DJs is the winning part.”

Connor said the band’s performance, since its formation, “has been good.”

“In the Adult and Kids categories, we have placed 2nd for large band and play 2nd for Kids large band,” he said.

“When playing with Stronjeh, we offer breakfast, and there’s a location for them (masqueraders) to come and get their make-up done, body paint,” he added. “And then, we go up the road, where we get the best music on a road, and more drinks and food.”

Connor described the mas team at Stronjey as “amazing,” stating that band members “help out in every way they could.”

“I so appreciate them,” he said. “We’re are a big, old family here.”

Masqueraders will sway to the beat of DJs Freeze, Fresh and Patty, Connor said.

The gallery (mas camp) is located at 1259 Ralph Ave., Brooklyn.

Connor can be reached at (718) 759-8655 or on email at stron[email protected]mail.com.

Jamaican Jenaye Jackson portrays “Comme de Garcon.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

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