Referendum postponed

Grenada has postponed yet again the referendum on constitutional reform, which was planned for Oct. 27, 2016.

In a press statement, the government said there was a need for additional time to complete the public education process and noted that proposed constitutional reform has been ongoing for many years, with a well-documented history of academic research and consultations that informed this latest attempt.

“We have sensed a genuine increase in national interest – and at the same time, people are asking for more time to become more familiar with what is being proposed,” the statement said.

According to the government, in particular, one clause in the Rights and Freedoms Bill has caused growing concerns in some circles. After extensive general discussion, including the chairman and other members of the Constitutional Review Advisory Committee, the government said it believed that this, and any other lingering issues of clarity, must be addressed.

The statement said the governor general was therefore been advised that a new date should be set for the holding of the referendum and the Office of the Governor General will issue the relevant writs to give effect to the new decision.

“We invite all Grenadians to remain engaged in this dynamic process as we continue this long march to improve our constitutional arrangements- and in building a brighter future for not only this generation- but those to come,” the statement concluded.

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