Meet Director Fred Thomas (left) and record breaker Mykhiyah Williams.
Photos by Lem Peterkin

An Elementary B Divison High jump record, held in a three-way tie at 4 feet 7 inches by competitors from 1982, 1992, and 1995, was broken Saturday, Dec. 31 when Brooklyn’s Mykhiyah Williams of Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School, cleared 4 feet 8 inches at the second preliminary meet of the Colgate Women’s Games.

The top-ranked, junior Olympian’s best performance of 2011 was enough to break the long-standing record.

Meet Director Fred Thompson was thrilled that the spotlight this week was on some of the youngest competitors, who he says have few opportunities to develop and showcase their talent.

“Today’s record reminds us that there are young girls with real talent and skills, who are ready to work hard at any age, if given the proper encouragement to succeed. There are virtually no schools with programs for kids at the elementary and mid school level, yet it’s during these school years that kids will decide for themselves whether they’ll use their natural abilities to better themselves, and to discover how far they can go.” She is a B Student

High school athletes competing in the nation’s largest track and field series on Thursday, continued to improve pushing a faster national pace heading into the new year.

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