K’reema and her dad, Yellowman, perform at a concert.
Pieter van Dijen

With great power comes great responsibility, and Dancehall powerhouse vocalist K’reema, daughter of Dancehall royalty, King Yellowman, says she is ready to take the reins over her father’s legacy.

The Kingston, Jamaica-born K’reema, 25, whose real name is Kareema Foster, told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, that she has taken her place “on the throne, as the First Lady” of her very own label, “Yellow Baby Records,” to which she has signed her father, as well as her brothers, rising artist Kamar and producer Kemo.

“I am very excited; it’s been a long time coming,” said the New York-based K’reema. “And I can’t wait for the world to hear what’s coming.

“For those don’t know, my dad is signed to the label, so I’m excited to let his fans hear his new music,” she added. “He has a project coming out late April.

“So far, I’m very happy and excited due to the constant love and respect shown to me,” K’reema continued. “Thus far, I’m beyond happy and excited to be carrying on my dad’s legacy. It’s definitely a privilege, and I’m extremely blessed.”

K’reema said her vision for the label includes continuing on her family’s legacy, as well as controlling the path of all estates.

In comparison to the first-born Marley matriarch, Cedella Marley, K’reema is ascending upwards from patrilineal memory and carving her way into the industry on her own path.

Yellowman will be “dropping” his new album this summer. His first single, “No More War,” will be released off the upcoming album in the last week of April.

K’reema said she is garnering attention for herself and setting out to make her own name in reggae, “just like good ole dad,” with whom she will be performing at “Reggae in the Desert” in Las Vegas on June 3.

K’reema’s single, “Father’s Love,” featuring King Yellowman himself, was released June 2016 in Reggaeville in London. Reggaeville is known to Dancehall artistes and lovers as “Home of Music Premieres.”

“Father’s Love” curated over 1.6 million views, “and is still growing,” K’reema said.

“This decider pays homage to the positive role of a father figure in a child’s life, through which she honors her own flesh and blood,” she said.

K’reem said she started producing music since she was 5.

“Coming from a musical background, everything else came easy to me,” she said. “Watching my father create music was a major highlight growing up in Jamaica.

“I really want to make my dad proud and definitely his fans, as I continue to build on that legacy with my style of music,” added K’reema about the launching of “Yellow Baby Records” in New York City.

K’reema, Yellowman’s daughter, performs at a concert.
Pieter van Dijen

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