Mikkel Lespierre (left) won against Raphael Luna by unanimous decision.
Photo by Amy Drury

Mikkel Lespierre is anxiously awaiting for his next fight. All eyes from his friends, family and the average boxing buffs from here in the metropolitan area will be cheering him on and hoping he does well, maybe even win by a knock out. He is training hard for his upcoming fight at Gleason’s Gym. He wants to be in top shape when he demonstrates his skills in the ring. Now he must wait for his opponent to be announced. His trainer, Don Saxby, has not made up his mind about his next opponent.

However, the bout has been set for Friday evening August 1 and the bout is part of the Elton D’Harry Promotions at the old Jamaica Arena as part of a boxing card. Lespierre, who wants to keep his unbeaten record in tact, expects to fight in the junior welter weight class or 140 pound weight class.

Originally from Trinidad, Lespierre came to Brooklyn when he was six years of age.

He enters his seventh professional fight with a 5-0 record, including one draw and three knockouts. As an amateur, he had 55 bouts with a 42-13 record.

Many people, including the opposition, and his connections, including the other pugilists who work with him, say that Lespierre’s best punch is his uppercut.

“I favor my uppercut and use it a lot,” he said at Gleason’s Gym in downtown Brooklyn where he works out. “An ‘uppercut’ is a hard punch to throw. I don’t have problems throwing it and I can throw it from almost any angle. I’ve been working out at Gleason’s Gym since 2001. I’ve experienced a lot of pros who come here to spar. Some of these guys I’ve had a pleasure of sparring with. It’s been a great experience as I’ve learned a lot from them.”

His first trainer was Mike Smith who has helped him with his uppercut.

“Smith developed my foundation,” the 29-year-old pugilist added at Gleason’s Gym. “He no longer trains here, for he moved to Las Vegas. He established my foundation well enough for me to throw my punches in any direction or angle that I choose and is suitable for me.”

His current trainer Don Saxby has been improving him ever since Smith left.

“Saxby has been with me for whole amateur career, ”Lespierre went on during a recent Saturday morning. “He’s been able to see me grow, He became my head trainer in about 2009. “(In fact,) he’s my trainer and coach. He’s been with me for four years.”

Lespierre was introduced to the sport at 16. During his schoolboy days, he became used to the sport of boxing.

“Doing it for so long I’ve been getting accustomed to it,” said the Brooklyn resident who attended City Tech College for a brief time. “Boxing never kept me bored as I learned something new every day. I have good talent and good skill for the sport. His goal is to become a world champion. But for right now he wants to stay active until that time comes.

His trainer looks for big things out of Mikkel. He doesn’t see him not being a world champion.

During the day Lespierre works full time in a hospital doing medical billing.

After working hours, he goes to the gym where he would put in an average of three hours a day six days a week when he trains for a fight.

Trainer Don Saxby(left) with Mikkel Lespierre.

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