“Eruption” frontline section costume is designed by Preston Paul.
Photo courtesy of Honest Illusions

New York mas band “Honest Illusions” is ready to capture the crown in the medium band category when revelers take to the streets of Georgetown to celebrate Guyana’s 45th Republic Anniversary and Mashramani Parade on Feb. 23.

With an impressive showing last year, Brian Roberts, CEO and founder of “Honest Illusions” is ready for a showdown with his themed “Evolution of Carnival” band that will showcase “Chameleon” and “Eruption.”

Roberts said the two sections “Fly Jamaica Airways” and “Honest Illusions” would emphasize the way change takes place through the natural environment and in life.

Fly Jamaica, he explained, listened to its customers and implemented positive change that will be reflected in the band’s presentation.

Such developments are the airline’s recent announcement of direct scheduled roundtrip flights from New York to Georgetown and its successful two-year anniversary in the aviation industry.

Noted costume designer Preston Hall will celebrate the band’s second foray at Mashramani with a dazzling array of costumes in bold green and a blend of colors consistent with Fly Jamaica’s brand.

The bikini costumes are designed with embellished headpieces made of quality feathers and a dazzling array of colorful jewels that will be sure to sway the judges, and delight spectators on Mashramani day.

Sesame Flyers expert designer Zellena Joy will make her debut with “Honest Illusions” to showcase “Eruption,” which mimics a volcanic transformation from emission to growth.

This is in keeping with Honest Illusions’ commitment to building its capabilities from quality design and production, multimedia services, website, graphic design image, as well as photography and videography.

Revelers in this section will be dressed in yellow to represent the hot smoldering volcanic lava motif.

Masqueraders will choose from a collection of bikini creations to revel in the front line sections of the band, or colorful spandex outfits.

Guyana’s sweetheart and diva, Lisa Punch, finalist in the hugely popular ABC TV show, Rising Star, will be the face of the band.

Punch and sensational Soca singer Jumo Prino will perform with legendary string orchestra Mingles along the parade route.

Costumes could be purchased from the Mash camp, located at the Sleep-Inn International Hotel in Georgetown where the band was launched.

For more information, and to view costumes, go to www.hones‌tillu‌ or www.faceb‌‌hones‌tillu‌sions‌multi‌media.

The frontline section costume for “Chamelon” designed by Preston Paul.
Photo courtesy of Honest Illusions

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