Randolph M. Ten-Pow accredited as Guyana’s ambassador

From left, Liz Brown, Troy Torrington, Peter Jackson, Consul General Barbara Atherly, Alison Drayton, Barbados Ambassador to UN, K.H.L Tony Marshall, Mrs. Bonnie Ten-Pow, Ambassador Randolph M. Ten-Pow, Mercedes Pierre, Niel Pierre and former Guyana Ambassador Noel Sinclair.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Just after presenting his Letter of Credence to Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, on Monday, Aug. 22, Guyana’s ninth permanent representative to the UN, Randolph Michael Tem-Pow, received a hearty welcome from CARICOM members, diplomats and Guyana nationals, at a reception at the Guyana Mission in Manhattan.

Congratulating Ambassador Ten-Pow, a 30-year diplomat, on his accreditation, Minister Counsellor, Troy F. Torrington noted that the envoy joins an illustrious list of predecessors like Noel Sinclair who began their careers in the Guyana Foreign Service.

Torrington applauded Ten-Pow, a former special advisor to the UN on Multilingualism, for embracing his responsibilities with great passion and enthusiasm.

“We believe he would certainly further the great tradition of leadership and activism of Guyana within the UN,” said Torrington.

HK. H. L. Tony Marshall, Barbados ambassador to the UN, on behalf of the CARICOM caucus, assured Ambassador Ten-Pow that he can feel confident that he has joined a band of friends and family, and promised to do everything possible to help him in his endeavors.

“You have been fortunate than most, at this particular juncture to have succeeded Ambassador George Talbot. This means your path is paved, not only from the UN perspective, but also spiritually. I wish you and Mrs. Ten-Pow all the best, and you need not worry. We will support you,” said the CARICOM representative.

The new permanent representative who has enjoyed an illustrious career serving at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago Chile, beginning his career in 1980, as a desk officer for Venezuela, was called a phenomenal person by former Ambassador Noel Sinclair, who added that the statesman served with absolute and total distinction.

Sinclair said it’s the same attitude and work ethic he brings to the post as Permanent Representative to the UN.

“I am confident the abilities that he has demonstrated, as a quick learner, and with the help of the staff at the mission he will discharge his duties in such a way as to earn the admiration of his family, the government and people of Guyana.”

Alison Drayton, UNDP President said, Ambassador Ten-Pow brings great qualities to the job that would do both him and his country well. “With his charm, intellectual curiosity, and professional integrity, I know you will grow from height to height. We are excited to have you at the secretariat, welcome,” she said.

A former senior Program Manager for Conference Services, at the World Bank in Washington DC, who served at the UN as Acting Director of the Documentation Division last year, Ambassador Ten-Pow enjoyed his service at the CARICOM Secretariat for 30 years and was honored to rejoin the foreign service.

“It is a great honor and privilege for me to have been selected for this post. It is a very heavy responsibility. The UN is the most indispensable organization for small countries like Guyana,” said the once special advisor to the United Nations.

Ambassador Ten-Pow, whose wife Bonnie Ten-Pow is a longtime diplomat, and daughter Kaya, a foreign service intern, said he pointed out to Secretary General Ban Ki-noon that small states like Guyana look to the UN for assistance and collaboration at the technical levels and other specializes level. He added that Guyana is also looking to the organization to keep it safe in this dangerous world.

The diplomat while thanking the audience called on skilled Guyanese to volunteer their expertise, stating that the mission would like to encourage expats to become friends of the mission to help on a voluntary basis.

The newly appointed permanent representative who graduated form the University of Guyana with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French, Spanish and Portuguese with distinction, and a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, promises to promote the interest of Guyanese both at home and abroad, and looks forward to working with colleagues at the office of the Consulate General, NY.

Also present at the gathering were Guyana Consul General, NY, Barbara Atherly, Neil Pierre, chief of policy Coordination Branch, UN, Liz Brown, Hospitality Committee, UN, Peter Jackson, and retired CARICOM representative, Milton Lewis, Dr. Leonard C. Lewis.

Ambassador Ten-Pow with daughter, Kaya and wife, Bonnie.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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