Randal Robinson: Grenada is in crisis

Randal Robinson, NDC-Grenada, PRO, as he addresses attendees at the NDC-NY Chapter Pre-Father’s Day Brunch in Brooklyn
Gerry Hopkin

Randal Robinson, the recently installed public relations officer of Grenada’s main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, culminated his five-day visit to New York City, by attending and addressing the crowd gathered at the NDC-NY Chapter’s Annual Pre-Father’s Day Brunch on Sunday, June 12. The event was held at the auditorium of St. Therese of Lisieux, on Avenue D, in Brooklyn.

This was Robinson’s first official visit to the Diaspora, on behalf of the NDC-Grenada executive, which has prioritized the need to fully engage Grenadians and friends of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, in New York and elsewhere, as partners in the sustainable, all-around development of the tri-island state.

On Friday, he met with NDC-NY Chapter leaders and members in a three-hour long meeting; while on Saturday, he visited several Grenadian-owned businesses in Brooklyn, during a walk-about, in the company of NDC-NY Chapter Nick Cox; PRO Gerry Hopkin and active member Floyd Bishop.

The businesses visited were Puma’s Auto; Whiskey’s Shipping; West Cuisine; Ritz Restaurant; La Baye Market; Sam’s Fashion and MCG Grand Cafe.

During the walk about, Robinson got to meet and greet several Grenadians living in the tri-state area.

Then at the Annual Pre-Father’s Day Brunch, he was asked to open the formal segment by singing the National Anthem of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, which he delivered in classic style.

Later on, he also delivered remarks which reported worsening socio-economic conditions in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, where unemployment is at an all-time high of approximately 50 percent among youths. More than 60 percent of the population of the tri-island state are between 18 and 45.

“Grenada is in crisis — economically, morally, socially — and the job to fix this, is ours… This is not a time to look away,” he said.

“Raise your voices, do what you can to get your relatives at home to say, enough is enough,” continued Robinson.

Additionally, Robinson spoke of the importance of the much appreciated contributions of Grenadians in the Diaspora, who all have a role to play in the NDC’s readiness to sustainably restore and develop Grenada.

“The NDC is about Grenada [Carriacou and Petite Martinique], so when you come out to support events such as this one, you are supporting Grenada,” he said.

The brunchers were also briefly addressed by Nick Cox, NDC-NY chairman, who at the start of the formal segment, had welcoming remarks; and by Lyn Alexander, the vice chairperson, who delivered a vote of thanks to the visiting public relations officer and to all who took the time to prepare for, and to attend the NDC Brunch, despite the numerous other Grenadian events that were being held on Sunday.

Besides the wide selection of fine Grenadian breakfast/lunch dishes and beverages, the several NDC party faithful and concerned Grenadians, who came out, were treated to some sweet, mostly Grenadian, back-in-time music, supplied by DJs Jude and International Little B.

Gerry Hopkin, the NDC-NY, P.R.O. Gerry Hopkin moderated the formal segment of the brunch. He encouraged folks to mingle and meet and greet, after the formal proceedings were completed.

Attendees at the NDC-NY Chapter Pre-Father’s Day Brunch in Brooklyn.
Gerry Hopkin

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