Ramajay Mas camp launches kids’, adult sections

The little ones showed off eye-popping costumes at Ramajay Mas camp at 950 East 92nd St., in Brooklyn, during the recent launch of the kiddies section that will represent the camp Saturday, Sept. 3 at the Children’s Carnival competition.

Ramajay’s kids captured the number-two spot two years in succession; however, this year the designers have prepped-up the costumes with the hope of striking gold three times in a row.

The energetic group will once again dazzle spectators and judges alike with spectacular costumes depicting the beauty of their heritage.

The theme: I Dream Of, will showcase the kids in various sections, such as: “Masquerade Ball, Playful Zebras, Rockstar and Showgirl Princess.

According to co-founder and Band Manager Reishelle Maynard, even though the kids are small-frame, their costumes will be just as extravagant as that of their parents. She added that the designs have the “bling” factor on backpacks — dazzling headpieces and accessories of sequins, jewels and feathers.

The 300-strong band will feature babies in strollers, tots, tweens and teens up to 15 years old. According to Maynard, parents have spared no expense to see their kids wearing the most elaborate costumes and reveling in the in the most prominent lines. Children’s costumes range in price from $95 to $150.

“It’s was a lot of work to put the costumes together,” says Maynard. “But the reward is seeing the band on the road in its beautiful splendor.

“It is also great to see the children involved in the culture in the same way I did,” said the Trinidadian-American manager.

Ramajay Creative Director Peter “Q-Bann” Richards, echoed Reishell’s sentiments and noted that he is “fired-up” to maintain the winning streak. Ramajay’s adult band snagged second place in the large-band category in its debut in 2009, and placed first last year in the same category.

As bandleader Reisha Maynard-Holder gets ready to storm the Parkway, she will be among 3,000 masquetraders who will revel in 13 sections depicting: “A Night of a Thousand Dreams”. The sections include: African Zebra, Amethyst Nights, City of Lights, Dream Catcher and Emerald Dreams.

Q’Bann said that his concept was to bring people’s dreams and fantasies to life on the road. It came to fruition, he said, with designers in Trinidad who completed the designs.

“We want our revelers to feel like the costume is a part of them,” said Q’Bann

The outfits are mesmerizing, from the lavish headpieces to the skimpy body huggers and jeweled leggings. And according to Q’Bann, the creations have been flying off the racks.

Secret of the Sky, for example, “was sold-out at the band launch. Adult costumes start at $200 and go up to $450, depending on the extent of the piece and the line reveler will mas in.

Other mas camp members include: Production Manager Candice Marcelle, Kids Band Leaders Alicia McKenna and Kima Monde, and Camp Manager Donequa Sougrin.

Log on to www.ramajaymas.com or call 718-675-9162 for more information.

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