Radics releases self-empowerment album

His own style: Jack Radics’ new album, “The Watershed” is his first solo album strictly created with his own artistry and take on music.
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Legendary Jamaican artist Jack Radics is releasing a new album with a much more personal spin.

“The Watershed” is Radics’ 17th studio album, which he masterminded by himself through his own creative vision. Having the full control over his album, he said was his best work yet.

“It’s my output totally,” said Radics. “I wrote the songs, composed the arrangements, and for the first time I’m bringing my musicality to the fort.”

The 14-track album named for his affinity to water has just vocals of Radics singing over various styles of music — something he has always wanted to do, he says. But this project is also a reflection of him taking on a rapidly changing music industry. “The Watershed” was created entirely on a tablet, said Radics.

“This is me embracing technology for first time,” he said. “Because prior to discovering this app on my iPad I was anti-cyber.”

With the newfound independence, Radics explored and dabbled in areas he would not have if he was working with producers, he said.

“I’ve always collaborated with producers, but now I can indulge my artistry to the maximum and I like the end result,” said Radics.

After a break from music, Radics said some encouragment from long time friends about mainstream music pushed him back into the studio.

“I was moved by that because I’ve been out of the loop for a while, and I dont listen to music of today because it doesn’t inspire me,” he said.

Radics recorded the album in 15 months, recording songs about intimacy, childhood, awareness, and the knowledge of self. “The Watershed” is an empowerment album that guides listeners through a journey, he said.

“You will he motivated and inspired — that way you can register growth within yourself,” he said. “‘Let Go’ is a song about how to let go of the childhood memories — we got let it go and come to new place, come to the watershed,” he said. “You cant move forward until you let go.”

Radics is currently on tour, which kicked off in Woodbridge, Virgina on Sunday, and “The Watershed” will be released on Nov. 4.

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Radics during a live performance in Woodbridge, Virgina on Oct. 23.
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