QC Guyana alumni shares Thanksgiving meals

Newly elected President of QC Guyana Alumni NY Chapter, Patrick Stephens, center, next to Tony Singh, of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry in Queens, along with members and volunteers, after sharing Thanksgiving meals to scores of New Yorkers.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Queens College of Guyana Alumni Association, NY Chapter, gave out Thanksgiving packages to other New Yorkers in need, during a day of service at Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, run by Tony Singh, at 02-16 89th Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens.

The association last Saturday, partnered with Bishop’s, St Rose’s and St. Joseph’s Alumni Associations, for this initiative, to help those who don’t’ have enough to eat during this Thanksgiving season,

The organizers, headed by newly elected president of Queens College, Patrick Stephens, and other volunteers, handed out turkeys with all the fixings to scores of residents who lined up from 5a.m., for the special packages.

Stephens thanked Mr. Tony Singh and Pastor Kemraj, of Calvary’s Mission, for their dedicated charitable work in the community, noting that QC only volunteer once a year, but the humanitarians are there daily during all seasons to give back to the working poor.

“In addition to planned programs to educate students of QC back home, we are also happy to volunteer at this food pantry”, said Stephens, adding.

“We want the organization to reflect our diversity of race, age, and gender, so the new executive is a reflection of that. We also have a diverse group of people, some older and some younger alumni,” noted Stephens, who looks forward to continuing initiatives, such as the annual math institute, student conference, and film festival, in Guyana, that began under the previous administration.

“Today’s event is really about giving back to the community, we feel that Queens College being the pre-eminent institution for education in Guyana, also has a role to play in leadership in this community,” concluded Stephens.

“It is a pleaser for us to be here today, our motto says we are Faithful and Useful Everywhere, this is the core of Queens College, we want to give back to the community, we want to serve, and be relevant in everything we do,” said Organizing Secretary, Luke Haywood.

Haywood spoke passionately about volunteering with the Church membership, and the community of Queens, adding that QC is excited about upcoming programs like a fundraising classy Masquerade Ball, in partnership with JRG Productions on December 30, to benefit the organization, as well as a planned 2019 student conference to be held in Guyana.

All of this he said is to bring about awareness of Queens College, to give back to the school in Guyana, and also to members who are a part of the alumni association in New York.

He said the QCAANY, will continue the great work the previous administration started. “We are also excited to bring on more younger alumni of the institution and get then engaged. “It is because of this organization that me, as a young member of the high school in Guyana was able to benefit from people giving back to us, now it is our turn to pay it forward,” noted Haywood.

President of St. Rose’s, Lorraine Croft-Farnell, thanked Mr. Singh for the opportunity to volunteer for the second consecutive year, and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pastor Kemraj, who shared a meal with volunteers, and inspired them to continue to share with each other according to the scripture, blessed the day of volunteerism.

The recently elected Queens Collage executive team: are Clive English (Treasurer), Selwyn Hestick (Secretary), Venita Khan (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer), Patrick Stephens (President), Sherrilyn McPherson (Vice President), Luke Heywood (Organizing Secretary) www.qcguyanaalumny.org.

Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry was opened fifteen year ago to fulfill a need in the community. Its mission seeks to deliver food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to people, children and families who lack basic living essentials due to poverty. To volunteer, go to Calvary’s Mission face book page, or logon to www.calvarysmission.org.

Scores of New Yorkers push carts with Thanksgiving turkeys and fixings from Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry in Queens.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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