Pryce and Ferguson make strides

Trevor Pryce and D’Brickashaw Ferguson and the rest of their New York Jets’ teammates are trying to qualify for the playoffs or better known as the second season and possibly even go deep into it and as far as the Super Bowl come next February. And their drive isn’t at all impossible.

“L.T. is L.T. What can’t be said about him. I don’t know what else there is to say. Watching him run is a thing of beauty. I played against him a lot when we were younger,” said Pryce.

Pryce, in his first year as a member of the New York Jets, was recently talking about LaDainian Tomlinson, one of the standout offensive players on the Jets. Pryce, himself is a 35-year-old defensive end. Overall, he has been playing for 14 years. He also saw action for the Denver Broncos, during his career in the National Football League.

Tomlinson, in his initial season as a Jet, turned in a decent start in both receiving and rushing, earlier in the fall, with his longest run one of 26 yards against Buffalo. He is in his 10th year in the league. He also came to the Jets as a free agent.

Pryce played frequently against Tomlinson when they were competing in the same division of the National Football League.

“He (Tomlinson) ran past me a lot,” Pryce said.

And now they are teammates.

“Now LT is one of the greatest short yardage backs in the history of the Jets,” said their head coach Rex Ryan.

Trevor Jr. is the son of Trevor Sr., who originally comes from Jamaica, West Indies. Trevor Sr’s sport has been and still is soccer. The elder Price, who presently coaches soccer in Florida, has been at this activity for 20 years.

Overall, the Jets are doing more than a decent year after their first 11 weeks or 10 games and sport an 8-2 record and are flying high.

“We’re a good team but still we have to work on some stuff,” Pryce said. “Right now I’m happy to be 8-2; it’s better than being 2-8.”

It’s great to be playing for the Jets and in a position to be talking about ‘the second season.’ But there are still more contests remaining on their 16 game schedule.

While Pryce plays on defense, Ferguson is in his fifth season with the Jets and sees action at left tackle. He started 77 straight regular season and post-season games since 2006. “Brick’ helps the skill position players perform their specialty and they are doing quite well.

“The intensity of the defense improved,” said Ferguson, who feels that he has definitely grown and progressed while a member of the Jets. “There are a lot more games for me to continue to look forward to and improve upon. I’m always looking to how I can get better.”

Ferguson is the son of Ed Ferguson who originally comes from the Bahamas, and who keeps encouraging his pro football athlete. In the Bahamas he hardly competed in any competitive sports.

“I always wanted to play football and respected the game of football,” ‘Brick’ said. “I thought that it was a tough and interesting sport. I first picked up a football in the eighth grade at Dodge Junior High School in Freeport.”

Meanwhile, Coach Ryan’s style of the game is to keep running.

“But we have an unusual talented group of receivers, a quart back who can throw (the ball) and a line doing a great job of protecting them,” the coach went on. It was certainly proven when the Jets came from behind and edged Houston 30-27, when Sanchez passed to Braylon Edwards for 42 yards and then to Santonio Holmes for the go ahead score of six yards with 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

“Everybody is doing a great job,” Ryan said after the Houston game. “I tip my hat to the offense.” The defense needs more work.

“We take one game at a time and can’t get caught up looking down the road, because if we do that we (might) stumble the wrong way,” said full back Tony Richardson.

The big game, an American Conference one, is coming up in about another week in New England, and it could determine the final standings of the regular season.

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