Jets Trevor Pryce (#93) is a 14-year veteran whose dad hails from Jamaica. Trevor spent part of his time growing up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
Photo by C. Gottlieb
Photo by C. Gottlieb

Born in Brooklyn, raised primarily in Florida, and played his college ball at Clemson University, Trevor Pryce signed as a free agent with the New York Jets not too long ago. Pryce is trying to make a name for himself at defensive end.

Trevor’s father also had experience in sports as he played soccer in his native land of Jamaica, West Indies.

“Trevor Pryce, Sr. played soccer ‘all his life,’” Trevor Jr. said during bye week, a few days prior to the National Football League loss at the expense of Green Bay. “Now 60, my father started playing the soccer at the age of five, and he still plays.”

The 6’5” Pryce is tied for third place with linebacker Jason Taylor as being the players with the most experience in the NFL; quarterback Mark Brunell has 18 years of NFL experience, two more than second place full back Tony Richardson. Taylor and Pryce each possess 14 years of experience in the league.

Trevor Jr. lived for his first five years in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. As for seeing action in the NFL, he came to the Jets with previous experience in Baltimore and Denver

Overall, during his 14 years in the NFL, with the two teams, he helped the Broncos to capture two Super Bowls in 1997 and again the following year with the Broncos. Now he is with the Jets and his goal is set on repeating that same honor. And he has a good chance at it.

Off to a decent 5-2 start on the gridiron, if another Super Bowl comes his way it means it’s a good thing, according to the 35-year-old Pryce.

“We have some things we have to work on, but we’ve been good so far,” he added.

In terms of age on the club, Brunell at 40 is the oldest Jet; Richardson at 38 is right behind; and Taylor is 36 and in third place while Pryce is fourth.

“Hopefully, we can keep up winning,” said Pryce, who started on certain defenses with the Jets. “I have played so far in four games while (seeing action) under Rex Ryan. “He’s the best coach, for he treats us well, like men. He gives us freedom to do what we want to do. He believes in us.”

Trevor also played on the same team with second year quarterback Mark Sanchez.

“He’s fun and young,” the NFL veteran said. “He has a lot of life about himself. It’s always a good thing. So far I love playing with the Jets. It’s great.”

While donning a Denver Bronco uniform, he played on the same unit with Hall of Fame quarter back John Elway. The latter piled many statistics, and it’s like a who’s who.

“Elway was the best, by far,” Pryce said. “He was a great player. I was young when I played with him. He was great, fantastic, and ran the team.”

Pryce and his teammates will be seen again at home on Nov. 21 when Houston comes to the new Meadowlands Stadium.

LaDainian Tomlinson (#21) and the Jets had a difficult time getting their running and passing games going against the Packers in a 9-0 loss at the Meadowlands.
Photo by C. Gottlieb

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