Power of broke to power of advantage

Book cover of “The Power of Broke Daymond John.”

“The Power of Broke” By Raymond John (with Daniel Paisner)

The Crown Publishing Group, New York

288 pages

When you have been selected by President Barack Obama as presidential ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, you return to your childhood borough library, Queens Library, in this position and as a respected business visionary — encouraging talent beyond the ABC’s Shark Tank show — walking down a path, telling your story is convincing and an opportunity to encourage those willing to take on a similar journey.

Daymond John’s journey is effortlessly revealed in “The Power of Broke” (Crown Business New York).

John in under 270 pages in “The Power of Broke” recounts his upbringing in Hollis, Queens working as a budding entrepreneur, employment at Red Lobster and starting a van service before launching his popular clothing line FUBU with two local friends.

John is candid and realistic in establishing how he achieved in excess of $ 6 billion in sales with FUBU. Indeed, Queens native LL Cool J wearing FUBU apparels can be credited for the proliferation of the brand. John recognizes it takes a village to raise a child in order for that child to build a business, in most instances.

At home support from a mother willing to incur a $80,000 debt to spend quality time with her son is a facet of parental care dismissed in a majority of mother-son relationships. This courageous action by this young business leader’s mother is the type of drive and inspiration shown in young successful business risk takers such as Mo’s Bows founder Moziah Bridges, Gigi’s Cupcakes owner Gigi Butler, and social media guru Acacia Brinley.

In this must-read, chock-full-of advice interesting book John gives you more than you could pay for this book and a one-on- one consultation. John awakens you potential with a series of true stories of wonder and success. What is most comforting about this easy to read book is the plethora of rich information to gaze at on each page without feeling all consumed. John inspires you to clutch opportunities available. To set goals, do your homework, listen to your customers and “look up when the world looks down” at the market and at you.

In this book written with sincerity, boundless compassion and tender care, offered is a wonderful set of principles to expedite any well-thought out business plan.

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