Pols to host annual Garifuna Legislative Day in Albany

The Bronx-based Garífuna Coalition USA, Inc. says a number of State senators and assembly members will on Tuesday host a Garífuna delegation during the 8th Annual Garífuna-American Legislative Day in Albany.

The coalition said on Sunday that Senators Luis R. Sepulveda (32nd District) and Jamaal T. Bailey (36th District), and Assembly members Victor M. Pichardo (District 86) and Michael Blake (District 79) – all in the Bronx will host the delegation from 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

In addition, the coalition said the legislators will honor Garifuna US Army Veteran Roberto Clotter during the 2018 Veterans’ Hall of Fame Honoree Celebration. Senate and the Assembly. approving bills and resolutions.

“A Garífuna delegation will travel from New York City, to the Capitol Building, to support New York State Senate Bill No. S07175 and New York State Assembly Bill No. A09791, to amend the New York State Education Law to include the history of the Garífuna people,” the coalition said.

Furthermore, during the visit, it said a resolution will be introduced in the New York State Senate and Assembly, “memorializing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare Mar. 11-April 12, 2018 as Garifuna-American Heritage Month in the State of New York.”

The coalition said this will be “in observance of the 221st anniversary of the forcible deportation of the Garifuna people by the British from St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Mar. 11th, 1797 and their settlement in Central America on April 12th, 1797.

“The proclamation of Garífuna–American Heritage Month has uplifted the Garífuna community from obscurity to the pinnacle of recognition in New York,” the coalition said.

It said the day will conclude with a reception celebrating Garífuna-American Heritage Month.

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