Phyllis Payne-Dublin

Hailing from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Phyllis Payne-Dublin has had a committed nursing career, spanning more than 40 years. In recognition, she received the 2012 Nurse of the Year award from the Caribbean American Nurses Association.

At a very early age, Ms. Payne-Dublin knew she wanted to become a nurse, “It was the only profession I wanted to embrace from the few opportunities available. It was also the only one that would allow me the opportunity to care for those around me who needed a healing touch.”

A registered nurse, her academic degrees are from St. Joseph’s College and Central Michigan University and she is certified in several areas including geriatrics and resident assessment.

Having dedicated her professional career to geriatric nursing, Ms. Payne-Dublin most recently was the associate director of reimbursement at the 320-bed Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and had been the director of education and assistant director of nursing at River Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation.

For her community and church, she has co-chaired outreach committees focusing on health education, screenings and assessments, has partnered with nursing groups to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other Caribbean islands, and has fund-raised for people with kidney disease.

She also assists with development through mentoring high school and college students to ensure that the nursing profession endures.

Among her many professional affiliations, she is a past president of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Nurses Association of New York and is an officer in the Caribbean American Nurses Association.

Ms. Payne-Dublin remembers “the importance of going the extra mile to ensure that each patient is cared for as if the patient were a relative or even yourself.”

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