Persaud joins pols stunned by Donald Trump’s triumph

State Sen. Roxanne Persaud with Councilman Jumaane Williams. Both came out against Trump before and after the election.
Photo by Nelson A. King

A Guyanese-born legislator in Brooklyn has joined the ranks of Caribbean American politicians in expressing consternation over Donald Trump’s unexpected triumph in the US Presidential Election last Tuesday.

New York State Sen. Roxanne Persaud told Caribbean Life on Sunday she is disappointed in the outcome of the election, but it is something we all have to live with, and claimed a higher voter turnout across the country may have swung the election the other way,

“New York did fairly okay, but there were a lot of people who abstained to vote,” added Persaud, who represents the largely Caribbean 19th Senatorial District in Brooklyn. “If you voluntarily abstained from the right to vote, then you have to live with the consequences.”

She, however, expressed deep concern about four years of Trump’s presidency.

“We all have to be fearful about what he can do,” she said, adding that she was worried about the deterioration of race relations and the President-elect’s plans to step up deportation of Caribbean and other immigrants.

“Donald Trump gave the voice to some people who did not want to come forward — to be hateful,” continued Persaud, stating, however, that, regardless of Trump’s policies, she will continue to champion the rights of immigrants and those of her constituents.

“I will fight for the best in my district, but the constituents must be action participants,” she said.

Over the weekend, a number of Caribbean American legislators said they were stunned by Trump’s victory, saying that it has added salt to a deep wound.

New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams along with Assembly members Rodneyse Bichotte and Nick Perry all said the election came as a shock, but that the results will have to be lived with.

“Whether or not you like Donald Trump, you have to accept him, even as deplorable as he was in the campaign,” Perry said last week. “But you cannot hope for a failing president, because all of us will be affected. Our Founding Fathers did make provisions for checks and balances; no one man can destroy America.”

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