Patricia A. Britton, HHA

Patricia A. Britton.

Patricia Britton was born in Trinidad, trained in the sewing arts and immigrated at the age of 20. She worked as a technical designer and seamstress for 15 years.

For the past nine years Britton has been employed with Able Healthcare Agency as well as working for a year at Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Rockland County.

It has been a varied route for Britton to this vocation as a healthcare provider that she wholeheartedly embraces.

Previously, as a mother concerned with her three daughters’ education, Britton tutored her girls and their friends when they came home from school, was a PTA president, and on the school board and the district board.

Her involvement with healthcare began in 2003 when she was responsible for her father-in-law’s serious health issues.

“I had no knowledge of the type and level of care he needed,” she said. The time was too short for her to understand and care properly for his condition. Eventually he was placed in a rehabilitation facility.

After he passed, Britton took Able Healthcare Agency’s classes in order to have the skills to care for others.

From making clothes to her involvement in public education, Britton finds another passion as a home health aide. “People are sometimes at their lowest because they need so much help. I feel their pain,” she said.

Britton is completely centered with each client / resident. “You must be sincere,” she said.

And, she learned the key is to talk to her clients while providing care, so “they allow me to give them the care they need. I always ask, ‘How can I help you?’ to gain their trust.”

Britton is a master at time management. She recounted how she only had four hours each day on a contract with a bedridden, double amputee client. Focused, she fed her breakfast, gave a sponge bath, attended to her bedsores, took her out of bed, changed the bedding and clothes, did the laundry, and cooked meals the client would later eat.

Beyond work hours, she went to the hospital with one client who received a kidney from her daughter for a transplant.

The agency can count on Britton for urgent last minute assignments.

Britton’s joy comes when the clients / residents are comfortable and able to communicate by their smiles and acknowledgements.

“I see my parents and I want to give,” Britton said, remembering their motto: I do good so good will follow us.”

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