Ormon posts double win

Aaron Ormon of St. Dominic’s High School.
Photo by Robert Elkin
Photo by Robert Elkin

Anthony Atkinson grew up in Jamaica, West Indies, where his specialties were the 200 and 400 meters on the track. Anthony has a son Kevin Atkinson, who is a member of the track and field team at Baldwin High School. Kevin used to compete at a young age in the 100-meter dash on a travel team.

Kevin advanced himself to longer distances. He and his teammates from Baldwin High School took part in the Bellmore Kennedy Cougar Invitational Meet last Saturday. Atkinson almost came out victorious but Joe Miller of Seaford High School had a better kick toward the end and won the event in 2:02.54. Atkinson finished second in 2:03.81 in this 800-meter exciting race. Anthony helps to train his son on the track when time and (school) practice time permits.

“Anthony trains with me on the track on technique,” the runner-up said. “On days I don’t have school practice, he would go with me on the track.”

Last fall, Kevin Atkinson didn’t go out for the school’s cross country team, because he didn’t like long distance running, trained on his own and concentrated on his academics. He played basketball during the winter, gave this sport up, and concentrated on track.

Over his two years plus of running, he improved a great deal. He can run the 600 and 800 meters on the track and should be one of the stars of the future at his school.

In another event of the Cougar Invitational, Aaron Ormon, a junior at St. Dominic’s High School, pulled off a double on Saturday April 20 in Long Island. Ormon captured the 100 meters in 10.8 and 200 meters in 23.2, in respective events to become the only double winner in the track meet, consisting of 21 schools for boys and girls, from Nassau and Suffolk counties.

A resident of Hempstead, he felt extremely good in winning both events.

“I came out good and had a strong start,” assessed Ormon, about his events. “I trained all season and the effort I put in is working out. This is my first time on this track. I enjoyed the races.”

“Aaron is a gifted sprinter,” said St. Dominic’s coach Bob Mittleman. “His specialties are the 100 and 200 meters. He has a lot of natural talent. Now I’m trying to get him to do the 400. He is the fastest kid in the Catholic Schools Athletic Association for his races.”

“My parents wanted me to go to a private school because it would be better for me,” Orman said. “Track wasn’t my only sport, for the last two years I was on the baseball team.”

“At first i wanted him to go to a private school, because he liked its baseball program,” said Aaron’s father Jeff Ormon. “But he is no longer competing in baseball. He gave it up for track.”This year he decided to concentrate on one activity. He does any race between the 55 meters to the 300 meters both indoors and outdoors.”

During the fall he trains for the winter.

“My favorite event is the 200. But I’m better in the 100,” the student athlete added.

Both Atkinson and Ormon are concentrating now on the team and individual championships.

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