‘One Destiny’ launches inaugural Guyanese mas

Monifah Alexander portrays “Unity.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

In becoming the first Guyanese mas band to hit the Parkway, “One Destiny” says it’s portraying the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member-state’s Coat of Arms in making a difference.

“This year, One Destiny is portraying the national motto, along with the meaning of the Guyana flag,” said band leader Zeelema Verwayne in a Caribbean Life interview.

“This year’s portrayal is based on the fact that this year is going to be the first year after so long for the Guyanese community to have a truck on the Parkway,” added the Georgetown, Guyana-born native, who is also producing mas for the very first time.

“We decided to execute this idea because it has been talked about by many to have a representation of our county on the road, but never taken seriously; and we’ve made it a ‘living reality,’” Verwayne continued.

“I hope that, after this year on the Parkway, we open an eye for the rest of our community – that shows that we, as Guyanese, can come together in unity and make things happen, where it is all about fun and laughter,” she said.

Verwayne said most of the masqueraders, who are Guyanese, will play in five sections: Essence, Raw Purity, Endurance, Passion and Unity. Each section comprises 30-40 masqueraders.

“I just want us to have clean fun and represent for Guyana what we haven’t seen on the Parkway in years,” Verwayne stressed.

“I love the idea of having a truck on the Parkway and seeing nothing but Guyanese following behind it,” she added. “It’ll be a fun and joyous experience, and I think that it will bring our community closer together.”

Verwayne also disclosed that Guyanese artists Adrian Dutchin and Jomo Primo will be among others on the float.

Masqueraders will also sway to several Guyanese DJ’s – Kado, from Unity Family; First Class Sound; Uprising Star; Samuel Top Ranking; Kash; and GT Hi Five.

“I just want to say thank you to all in advance, who is taking the time to join and make our first year a successful one,” Verwayne said.

“One Destiny” mas camp is located 4807 Church Ave., between 48th and 49th streets in Brooklyn.

Verwayne can be reached on Facebook at “wearefamilyandfriendsofguyana;” email at [email protected]; or call (347) 384-0497 or (347) 383-8718.

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