Oliver Samuels’ ‘Guilt Trip’

Ruth Ho Shing, Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus in the family play, “Guilt Trip.”
Ruth Ho Shing; Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus in the family play "Guilt Trip."

Everybody’s “Caribbean” Magazine presents the magical and hilarious family play, “Guilt Trip” on May 28–29 in New York City. After more than 350 performances in Kingston during the 2016 Jamaica theater season and nominated for nine Actor Boy Awards (Jamaica equivalent of Broadway’s Tony), “Guilt Trip” premiered in Toronto, Canada and St. Kitts and Nevis to launch the international tour.

Veteran stage and screen actor and comedian Oliver Samuels stars as Steadman; Ruth Ho Shing, Jamaica’s brilliant actress, plays the role of Steadman’s wife, Irene and Dennis Titus acclaimed for his role in Denzel Washington’s, “The Mighty Quinn,” is Morgan, son of Steadman and Irene.

The Rev. Devon Dick says, “‘Guilt Trip’ extols the virtues of Bob Marley. It is a play for the entire family to enjoy but leave with a rewarding message.”

“Guilt Trip” is written by Basil Dawkins. Although Dawkins is one of the Caribbean’s top playwrights, and certainly among the cream of Jamaican writers, producers and directors, his popularity and respect are increasing. You may think he is new on the scene. Yet, he has been a playwright for decades and wrote some of Jamaica’s top plays such as “My God Don’t Wear Pajamas,” “Feminine Justice,” and “Uptown Bangarang.” Since he started working with Oliver Samuels in 2015 when they presented “Divorce Papers,” Dawkins famed has risen even higher.

The dates and venues are:

Saturday, May 28, 8 pm, Brooklyn Center at Brooklyn College

Sunday, May 29, 6 pm, Lehman Center at Lehman College, Bronx.

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