NYC ‘Build It Back’ calls for housing assistance

Build it Back has now raised more than 250 homes citywide, started construction on over 3,000 and finished construction on over 2,000 — including 1,269 starts and 773 completes in Queens.

Some experiences will always remain vivid in our minds and some folks who experienced the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 are constantly being reminded of those horrific moments as they are still going though the ordeals of not having their homes totally refurbished.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Housing Recovery office has once again announced the mayor’s intentions to help these victims find a suitable housing until their home repairs are completed. After the HUB’s program was revamped and replaced by the “NYC BUILD IT BACK,” program, Hurricane Sandy victims, in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island can now get some housing assistance. The office of NYC Housing Recovery is moving aggressively to have collaborative work established with some real estate agents, landlords, brokers and all affiliates to provide available apartments to homeowners whose homes need to be repaired.

The objective of this program is to temporarily house the applicants of the “NYC BUILD IT BACK” program in an apartment until his or her home is completely refurbished. According to the Director of the “NYC BUILD IT BACK” program, Amy Peterson, “NYC BUILD IT BACK” has been on the move since 2014 and they are asking real estate professionals to help propel the program. The real estate agencies and landlords would provide at least a six-month rental to the applicants while their homes are under renovation. The rent payments are made through the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery. The range of payment for each apartment is from $1,495.00 per person, to $2,700 for a family or household of five or more.

There are no background checks for applicants and residents with Section 8 vouchers are applicable. The “NYC BUILD IT BACK” ensures that homes are ADA compliant and so residents needing that service should have no complaints. In addition, Peterson noted that families with children should “keep in mind, that the office of Housing and Recovery will work with the parents to ensure that their children remain in the same school.” She also noted that the office of Housing and Recovery work to make applicants find apartments in close proximity to their houses.

Peterson further noted that “NYC BUILD IT BACK” program has reached out to local clergy leaders and other non-profit organizations to have their members participate in the program if they are in need of the assistance.

Hurricane Sandy victim, Jerry Corbin, strongly believes that the program is vitally important and that landlords and tenants should collectively work on this to let it happen. In his reflective moments of Hurricane Sandy, Corbin noted the lost is devastating. “I struggled for a while and all my personal properties and the physical items which carry pleasant memories are gone.” Corbin said the “NYC BUILD IT BACK” program is promising and the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Housing Recovery Program must use social media to help spread the word as there are several people who are still in need of the help. He also called on the landlords to cooperate in the effort of this building process, with all the parties involved, the tenant and the NYC office of Housing Recovery.

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