Next generation dancehall music

Mr. Vegas.
Photo by Roland Hyde

To have a single with an iconic multi-platinum pop artist is the dream of most Jamaican recording artists. Mr. Vegas is standing on the brink of record-breaking milestones. Currently, his collaboration “Fruit Juice” with Snoop for Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnation” album and the remix of “Standing On The Sun” with Beyoncé rumored to be considered the lead single off her upcoming album had him poised for his own album release “Bruk It Down 2.0.”

With his new album ‘Bruk It Down 2.0’ released on Sept. 24, 2013 and the album’s first single “Give It To Har” picking up steam, Mr. Vegas continues to usher in the next generation of Reggae Dancehall music. Grounded in the pulsating dance sounds of Reggae Dancehall, the new album reflects Vegas’ signature assimilation of various international styles that ultimately transcends the traditional Reggae music format.

Incorporating an expert and catchy mix of House, Reggaeton, Soca, pop and -Dubstep, “Bruk It Down 2.0” demonstrates Mr. Vegas’ uncanny ability to tap into the pulse of today’s musical landscape. Production of the album includes talents such as Clevie of the world famous duo Steelie & Clevie, Danny Browne, Teetimus and Jah Snowcone. These producers connect to the foundation of Reggae Dancehall with an array of international beats.

The opening tune, “Busta Bottle” is a signature Mr. Vegas’ interpretation of the style and fashion of Little Lenny’s legendary “Healthy Body” (1989), here courtesy of a Boomsteppa production. “Freaky Freaky” featuring Lukie D of Jamaica’s lover’s reggae harmony group LUST, starts with a new version of Steelie & Clevie’s timeless Black Widow riddim. In this song, Mr. Vegas lays on the seductive charm in a playful mix of RnB and Dancehall Reggae double entendre.

Speaking of double entendre and playful vibes, “Give It To Har” kicks off with a Soca beat and then turns up the hip-shaking energy even further. And there’s no slowing down! “Twerk” is a dancer’s dream and “Good Body Gyal,” another Clevie production, is sure to parlay Vegas’s innate melodic talent into one massive example of collective movement on the dance floor. “A Gal Nuh Like Yuh” brings back a 90s dancehall bubbler riddim with just the right amount of house music to tease out the Mr. Vegas in all of us.

Mr. Vegas speaks from the heart with “Bare Tingz” and “Grimey Girl,” the latter being a perfect example of the new Dubstepinfluenced direction Jamaican music is headed. Although taking issue with “Two Face Friends,” Mr. Vegas does not get caught up in the emotion as the song ultimately comes down to two feet that cannot ignore the foundation Dancehall beat.

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