New Guyana consul general observes outreach

Newly appointed Guyana Consul General, Barbara Atherly hands over passport to Mohammed Baksh at fifth outreach initiative in South Ozone Park, Queens, as Deputy Consul General, Jacquelyn Hamer (extreme right), owner of USA Realty Uriel Seenarine behind (CG), and staff look on.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Newly appointed Guyana Consul General to New York, Barbara Atherly handed over passports, marriage licenses and other legal documents to expatriates in South Ozone Park, Queens on Saturday, Aug. 13, during the consulate’s fifth Outreach Initiative.

Atherly, a former Education Specialist at the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund, joined Deputy Consul General Jacquelyn Hamer, and staff of the consulate in the office space of Guyanese businessman Uriel Seenarine, where five hours of consul services to Guyanese.

Deputy Consul General Jacquelyn Hamer welcomed the new consul general, and said the consul’s office is planning a program and town hall meeting for Atherly to meet with the Diaspora in both Queens and Brooklyn.

“The outreach was an excellent success,” said Hamer, where scores of persons met with the diplomats and staff in the one on one setting to make sure all official papers received the necessary stamp of approval, during the community activity that began at 10am.

“We were heartened by the excellent turn-out at the fifth outreach,” noted Hamer, whose idea it was to visit the boroughs outside the diplomat office in Manhattan.

The program, which began in Queens and Brooklyn, before citizens in Schenectady, upstate New York benefited from the services, will continue on Saturday Aug. 27, at 10 am, in New Jersey.

While at the outreach, expats also picked up 50th Independence Anniversary magazines provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and information regarding the upcoming entrepreneurial conference in Guyana.

A US$1000 participation award will go to a businessperson who qualifies to attend the investment forum. The deadline for submission is Sept. 30.

Hamer hopes business owners will take full advantage of this opportunity that would benefit their establishment. All information could be viewed on the consulate’s website —

The consulate that recently unveiled its new website to rave reviews from the community, will begin a second phase that would help to expedite passports from the current six-week wait time. This feature, when approved by the Guyana government will allow applicants to apply online.

Hamer said, the Guyana government complemented the progress at the consulate.

“I hope the good feedback we are getting from the public about the work we are doing in the consulate serves as a model for other diplomatic offices to emulate in the future,” she said.

“We are extremely thankful to Mr. Seenarine for offering his space. I have no doubt we will continue to enjoy this excellent relationship for future endeavors.

Seenarine, founder and CEO of US Realty, and Carib Media Corp. (, graciously reached out to the Guyana Consulate to host the outreach, because he felt this was a great way to connect with the large Guyanese community in Ozone Park.

He suggested that the program be held every six months, and will once again open his door to accommodate the consul staff, and citizens who also live in neighboring Richmond Hill.

“I would encourage the collaboration because I am well-known in the community and I am all about educating the Guyanese community, and keeping them informed about the progress I see taking place in Guyana,” said Seenarine.

Seenarine’s Carib Media was instrumental in the live streaming of Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebration from Georgetown.

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