National Bakery caters to bread lovers

Nothing better than the food that reminds you of home – whether that is in the states or the islands.

Bread happens to be one of those foods you cannot avoid.

For bread lovers everywhere, it is time to rejoice as Continental Baking Company, Jamaica’s leading manufacturer in baked goods, is conveniently housed in East New York, Brooklyn.

Operations Manager Justin Hoshue said, “We are currently in a warehouse in Brooklyn off Essex street. We’ve been here since fall last year,” National Bakery, a brand operating under the umbrella of Continental Baking Company, expanded their successful operation to the United States of America initially with their HTB products. The bakery brand has been a leading producer of bread operating exclusively in Jamaica. Now, Hoshue manages a warehouse delivering products to various retailers throughout the borough.

“Obviously you got to start somewhere, you got to start at zero. Reception of the product and brand have been good,” Hoshue said.

Currently, National Bakery offers a limited range of products just shy of 20. Focusing on their most popular items, Hoshue and his team provide hard dough bread, crackers and bun.

Playing on the familiarity most Jamaican natives may have with the brand, Hoshue hopes that through increasing visibility he will achieve bringing National goods to every store.

“We started from zero and we’re growing our customer base. We’re bringing a new level of service and customer support. Look for our National branded products anywhere you shop and if you don’t see our products there, request it,” he said.

As the company begins to grow, be sure to pay attention to their new additions inspired by the feedback from their core Brooklyn customers. Though he did not dish on much detail, Hoshue did affirm that there will be some new products added to appeal to the feedback they have received thus far.

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