From left, Silver and Shak-Trauma of the Brook Brovaz. The group includes a third member, Belle Boy.

Putting a different spin on sound.

A Brooklyn-based musical trio is revolutionizing the way people see music producers. The Brook Brovaz, comprised of three friends — Shak-Trauma, Silver, and Belle Boy — are a group of producers and artists. Together the team produces and composes music, and also write and perform their songs that cover a wide range of melodies from their outlook, said one member.

“We want to give the masses and people musical compositions from our perspective, and show people our approach to music and how we do it in different genres,” said Shack-Trauma.

Formed in 2009, the members initially met and discovered each other’s talents and decided to combine their skill sets into one.

“We listened to each other’s music and styles, and it was like the perfect marriage,” said Shack-Trauma.

They named their unity Brooklyn Brothers, but ultimately chose a shortened version of it resulting in Brook Brovaz, he added.

Making the sounds for hip-hop, pop, rhythm and blues, and other world and mutli-genre tunes, the group’s work is not limited to one category and can be heard in more than 80 placements on television, including commercials, reality-television, and sports night intros.

Their soca bashment style single “Turn and Bubble,” is an example of that.

They are working on their upcoming debut project “The Producers Perspective.” Their concept for the LP was inspired by several uneventful encounters with artists in the music industry, which led them to choose to follow their own take on their own means to get their music out there, said their representative.

“We kept having to part ways after investing a lot and a conversation came about that we are music and we make music don’t need to depend on artists and that’s how it catapulted,” said Cloe. “This is written, produced and performed by them, and it’s from their perspective and their meaning behind that.”

A few famous producers who inspire the band are Michael Cox, Teddy Riley to Hans Zimmer, and Timbaland, said Silver.

“Timbaland definitely influenced me a lot before I started,” he said. “His sound collection is amazing and the way he uses instruments, especially that parts of the instrument he uses — he’s so versatile with the editing.”

And they look to these hit-makers as a exemplars of what they aim to be, he added.

“We take ideas from everyone, and it’s safe to say a little bit of everybody influences us,” said Silver.

But overall, they are trying to set a different precedent for producers.

“We really want to make our mark in the music industry and we want to influence our genre and sound,” said Shack-Trauma.

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