Clin Hercules, Ronald DeSuze and Susan Kennedy in “Mother-in-Law.”
Photo by Khali Keyi

The thin line between joy and pain will be gloriously erased in an explosion of laughter on Nov. 16 at 8:00 p.m. and Nov. 17 at 6:00 p.m., when “Mother-in-Law,” a comedy by Nandi Keyi, starring Susan Kennedy comes to the stage of Mahalia Jackson Campus, 790 East New York Ave., in Brooklyn, New York.

Produced by Keyi’s Theater People and Kennedy’s Power by Passion Promotions, “Mother-in-Law,” directed by E. Wayne McDonald is one of the smartest Caribbean comedies to hit a Brooklyn stage. Fresh of the widely-acclaimed run of her musical-play “Flambeaux,” at this summer’s Dream-Up Festival in New York, Keyi has amassed an outrageously talented cast for “Mother-in-Law.”

“This play represents the resurgence and enhancement of Caribbean theater in Brooklyn. I know that this action-filled storyline will leave audiences in stitches,” Keyi said.

The drama begins two days before the wedding of Petra (Clin Hercules) and Philo (Ronald DeSuze), young Trinidadian immigrants, who live together in a run-down apartment in Brooklyn.

Despite their challenges – Petra is an undocumented immigrant and Philo makes a living singing on the subway – they seem content until Mother-in-Law (Susan Kennedy) and her nefarious companion Battica (Marvin George) visits and blows tiny cracks in their union wide open. As Philo weakens, Petra has help (and often hindrance) in the form of her Jamaican neighbor, Marva (Diane Dixon). The rib-tickling first meeting of the five characters provokes a downhill spiral as agendas are unveiled and lives are altered.

“Mother-in-Law” is superbly directed by McDonald, a native of Jamaica and long-time Caribbean-American theater professional. McDonald is noted for his understanding of comic language, and Caribbean nuance.

Joining Kennedy is Diane Dixon, a noted singer and actor in community and mainstream theater; Ronald DeSuze, who has extensive film credits, and works in both classical and contemporary theater; Marvin George, an upcoming comedian, and Clin Hercules, whose recent theater debut received wide-spread acclaim.

This exceptional cast is poised to execute Mother-in-Law’s twists-and turns, as they laugh and weep through themes of unemployment and underemployment, living while undocumented, and family and relationship politics: real issues explored in a universal and mirthful way.

For tickets and more information, please call 347.636.0079 or 347.262.8475.

Susan Kennedy and Michael George in “Mother-in-Law.”
Photo by Khali Keyi

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